The history of casinos didn’t happen under the lights of Las Vegas, Nevada. Most histories actually occurred in parts of Europe and Asia which most casino games were originated hundreds of years ago already.

These casino games are however developed and digitalized by online casino True Blue 777 which are now having interesting variations. But despite the innovation made by our technology these days, it is still important to know how and where these games were developed and some interesting facts about gaming casino history.

  • Chinese are the very first who made a living by gambling in Casinos
  • In Tang Dynasty (617-908 A.D.), gambling organizations were created in China which were regulated heavily with securities and allowing players to gamble only at the designated places provided. Later on, during the Song Dynasty about 1000 A.D., various gambling games were invented wherein the most popular one is ‘Xuan He Pai’ aslo known today as “Mahjong”.
  • Modern-day Casino was First Invented in Venice, Italy
  • Casino is derived from the latin word “casa” which means house that was created to cover the summerhouses and social clubs. Since people still continue to gamble despite government disapproving it, they have just set up “Ridotto” which was the world’s very first casino.
  • Baccarat is the Oldest Casino Game
  • This game has been recognized as early as the 1400s. Baccarat has been loved and already popular even before because of its very simple game mechanics. That is why even today, people still love to play this game making it in the top list of new casino players.
  • Ancient Romans built the very first Casino Chips despite being forbidden to gamble
  • Gambling is banned in Ancient Rome wherein people who are caught will be facing a penalty of four times bigger than their bet. Thus, some Romans invented casino chips in order to serve as an excuse if they will be caught by the guards since it is not money. These chips were later on used and considered as a valuable item in casinos up until today.
  • Longest game of Poker is 8 years!
  • Game of Poker today are usually played for hours only even in tournaments but did you know that there is actually an event that occurred under the basement of a theater in Arizona way back 1881 wherein a poker game was said to last for 8 years, 5 months, and 3 days? Clear evidence may not have been provided to support this story nevertheless, it’s known for sure that there was an incredible poker game that took place in Arizona with $10,000,000 changed hands.
  • Card games are the oldest
  • With the lack of access to technology and machines back then, it is undeniably true that card games are the most ancient casino games with Baccarat being the oldest of these games. Cards that have been used ever since were invented back in the 9th century in China that is why Macau is the gambling capital of the world and not Las Vegas.

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