The main aspects of artificial intelligence’s development

With the development of artificial intelligence, humanity is predicted to disappear in a number of professions. Check to learn how to apply AI in the 18+ area.

What is a neural network?

Imagine that your brain is a large network of interconnected “houses” (neurons) that transmit signals to each other. A neural network works on a similar principle: it consists of artificial neurons that are interconnected and transmit information. These neurons can learn and adapt to become better at tasks such as image recognition, text translation, or weather forecasting.

It creates an adaptive system, with the help of which computers learn from their mistakes and constantly improve. Thus, artificial neural networks try to solve complex tasks, such as summarizing documents or recognizing faces, with higher accuracy.

Neural networks can replace people in many areas: accounting, creation of text, photo, and video content, simple legal consultations, basic medical consultations, testing, translations, customer support, and various professions related to data entry.

An app with a simple and friendly interface 

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