Playing casino online can be quite challenging because you will be given a lot of games to choose. These games are all popular and also has different variations. Casino RagingBull games for example offers all popular games like Poker, Roulettes, Slots, Keno, Blackjack, and many more. These games can be easy or complicated depending on the game mechanics.

Players who are new to casino games should however know which games have the easiest and most complicated rules. Newbies are recommended to choose the easiest games first to guide them on how online casinos work. Hence, we will be focusing in rating which casino games ranks from the easiest to hardest and to help every player understand why these games are listed as such.

  • Roulette
  • Roulette is basically the easiest game found in every casino. This game is a pure game of chance therefore there is no need to practice or to have an expertise to be able to win. Since your win will depend on your luck, this game is very easy to learn. The dealer will only spin the wheel in one direction whilst a small ball in the opposite direction. The ball will eventually fall into one of the slots so if you bet on the correct number or color then you win!
  • Slots
  • This game is very popular and is present to all land-based and online casinos. Just like roulette, this is also a game of chance. This game is very straighforward because what player needs to do is to just pull the lever and press the buttons. This can however be boring to most players but it is one of the easiest ways of earning profit especially when you hit that jackpot.
  • Craps
  • Just like any other games, craps can really be entertaining especially if you already know how the game works. This can be similar to roulette except that there is a wider variety of factors to bet on. It also involves rolling of two dice and betting on the result of the roll. Gamblers, especially the new ones, might find craps tables complicated but once you tried playing you will definitely be able to catch up as soon as possible.
  • Blackjack
  • Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in both traditional and online casinos. This game is really exciting but quite challenging compared than those other games because of its degree of difficulty. Nonetheless, winning this game can be massively rewarding hence it’s really worth a try. Once the game starts, each player will be dealt with two cards facing up and the dealer will deal himself one card that is facing up and the other facing down. The goal is to get a card value that is closest to 21 and once you go over, you lose.
  • Poker
  • Most card games can be complicated because it requires both luck and skill. Poker for example doesn’t always depend on luck but on player’s skills as well since there are a lot of strategies needed in order to win the game. This game has a lot of variations wherein game mechanics differ from each version.

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