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A Well manicured interior is one sure of getting your house off the market. As a real estate agent, you could be smiling your way to the bank by just employing some simple home décor designs, whether you are dealing

Although the jute might sound like an unfamiliar fibre to those in the West, this plant textile is actually the second-most produced fibre in the world. But what is jute fabric exactly? The main species of plant used to produce

Buying a holiday home in some tropical paradise is on most people’s hit list, and who could blame them? When you have a couple of weeks free, simply book your flights and you’ll be relaxing poolside with your favourite drink

Owning a mini library at home is every bibliophile’s dream. They find immense pleasure in collecting books, and the bookshelves are like their treasure chests. A bookworm will share everything but not their books, as they’re very possessive about their