Do You Know About Stanchion and Also Their Various Types?

For industrial safety purpose, often you must have noticed that stanchions are used so that the movement of people can be properly controlled. Most of these stanchions are made of steel and hence they are quite strong.

What is stanchion?

These stanchions are in fact crowd control barriers which can be used in various industrial environments as well as for controlling a crowd in an event. Stanchions are vertical bars or posts, which is used as a support structure.

You can get many different kinds of stanchions based on your need and size of the crowd that you want to control in any event.

Few traditional stanchions post

Following are some of the varieties of stanchions that are available in the market:

  • Regal portable stanchion

These types of regal stanchions have very simple and good look. They are also quite popular and in most of the events this type of stanchions are preferred for making a proper queue and streamline the crowd.

You can always pair such stanchion with velvet ropes so that you can offer a timeless look.

  • Traditional portable stanchion

You can always enhance your visual appeal of these stanchions by using graceful lines as well as classic look offered by traditional portable stanchion.

This can also be used for managing the crowd by forming proper queue and also create a suitable barrier for the crowd.

  • Tempo portable stanchion

Tempo portable stanchion can provide a very slim profile which can easily complement with any kind of contemporary décor with its flat base and flush top.

  • Tulip portable stanchion

This kind of lightweight stanchion can be a very good option for any kind of general use where there are medium crowds or any low traffic areas.

  • Director portable stanchion

For any kind of high-traffic areas e.g. director portable stanchion can be a perfect choice particularly in places such as any movie theaters. Also, this type of stanchion can work very well with many different varieties of swag rope or chain.

  • Crown portable stanchion

You can certainly evoke elegant styling of any old charm of the past generation by using the graceful curves that such crown portable stanchion will be able to provide.

  • Concourse portable stanchion

For places such as any hospitality industry or in an airport, these sleek lines as well as modern aesthetics of concourse portable stanchion will be a perfect choice.