5 Most Popular Flowers in Flower Shop

Nature provides the planet with beautiful flowers. Some of these flowers are more popular than others due to their unique beauty, fragrance, or both. While some flowers may not be quite popular across the globe, they can be the most popular in their respective countries or regions because of their extraordinary characteristics or cultural traits of the region.

A lot of people adore flowers and gifting flowers to your loved ones and friends is something that most people do in many regions. Whether you are celebrating your love for your partner, congratulating someone on an anniversary or achievement, or rejoicing the recent success of a colleague, bouquets of flowers are an awesome gift to give. Knowing what each flower symbolises will help you pick the right flower to give to someone.

If you are visiting a florist, below are the top flower choices you can pick from:


For the longest time, roses have enjoyed the honor of being the most popular flowers in the world. That is why many people who visit in a local flower shop choose roses. This popularity is due to the flower’s wide variety when it comes to colour, fragrance, and the number of roses chosen. For instance, red roses symbolise romance and love while pink roses symbolise grace, gratitude, joy, and admiration. One rose symbolises love at first sight, two roses mean shared and deep love, while three roses say “I love you.” The rose symbolises love and beauty, depending on their variety and colour. Aside from being the most popular flower for gifting, rose bouquet is a great addition to home and office decor.


The hydrangea has a range of meanings, from gratitude to heartfelt emotions and boastfulness. Every meaning stems from different stories and beliefs. The flower’s association with boastfulness has to do the plant’s ability to produce magnificent flowers; however, very few seeds. Also, hydrangea is given to people who turned down love interests, signifying their frigidness and coldness.

The hydrangea comes in shades of pink, green, purple, and blue that has its own meanings. Pink hydrangeas symbolise heartfelt emotion, white hydrangeas signify boasting or bragging, blue hydrangeas symbolise apology and frigidity, while purple hydrangeas symbolise a desire to understand someone.


Eustoma flowers are also known as the Lisianthus or Stock flower. Each flower has its symbolic meaning including appreciation, admiration, a long and happy lifetime, sweetness, peace, and charm. They are known for being sociable flowers or flowers that can be given to someone to express your good social skills. They are usually gifted in social gatherings and for other occasions. A eustoma can be an ideal Valentine’s Day present for your loved one as they are associated with love and expressive love.


These flowers come in a wide range of colours and while they generally express love, distinction, and fascination, each colour carries a unique and rich association. A white carnation symbolises love and good luck, light red carnations symbolise admiration, and dark red means deep love and affection. Pink carnations symbolise a mother’s undying love while the purple ones imply capriciousness.

Calla Lilies

While the Calla Lilies are commonly white, they grow in a variety of colours including yellow, black, purple, and pink. Their symbolism varies by flower colour. White calla lilies symbolise purity and innocence, the pink ones symbolise appreciation and admiration, purple lillies symbolise charm and passion while the yellow symbolise gratitude. Due to their beauty, people buy from in flower shops for use on many occasions including weddings and funerals. The flower consists of the outer layer called spathe and the spadix, the yellow spike in the center. It is the 6th-anniversary flower that symbolise the beauty of a couple’s love.