What Is The Difference Between Engagement Ring And Promise Ring

There is no other metal that is known for expressing love, and affection than diamonds. Due to this reason, diamond promise rings, and engagement rings are very popular among customers. But before you buy one, it is important to find out differences in them and their purpose.

This article tells you all that you need to know to make the right buying decision.

What is meant by a Promise Ring?

Buying the best diamond Singapore requires you to get a detailed understanding of it. This ring is exchanged between couples in a romantic relationship.

When you give a promise ring to your partner, it implies several things to him/her:

  • Monogamy and commitment in the relation
  • To stay abstinent till marriage
  • A Vow of Marriage

If you want to let these intentions known to your significant other, then this is the ideal ring that you should buy. In a few cases, a promise ring can also define platonic relations or friendly terms between two people. This ring is also ideal for people who aren’t romantically involved.

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Engagement Rings

Where a promise ring can be used for different meanings, an engagement ring is meant to only convey one meaning i.e., “engagement”. It is a sign to propose marriage to your partner. If they agree to your proposal, then they will wear it in the ring finger of their left hand. It shows them that they are engaged to get married.

How does a Promise Ring differ from an Engagement Ring?

An engagement ring has diamonds, and the promise ring has a less elaborate design with plain bands. Even though nowadays, these rings can be customized in various ways to make it more personal.

If you want to propose this person, then you should give an engagement ring. As it is a life-long commitment, plan to spend more on an engagement ring. However, if engagement is not on your mind, and you are just couples, or friends then promise ring is the ideal pick. Choose wisely to not disappoint the feelings of your partner.


I hope the above information equips you with the right knowledge to choose the right ring to express your sentiments to your partner.