Shape Your Future In Interior Designing: Apply For The Best Jobs

What do interior designers do?

Interior designers are creative professionals that help in making your space look beautiful while still being highly functional. They make indoor spaces extraordinary by adding the right decorative items and the exact requirements of the space. So, if you are looking for interior design job opportunities, then here are a few things that you must keep in mind.

Eligibility to become an interior designer. 

  • Must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in an interior designing course.
  • These degrees can include a bachelor’s in science (B.Sc), an arts degree(B.A), a Bachelor of Design(B.De), and master’s degrees in science and arts.
  • Some individuals might even choose to have different certificate and diploma courses in this field that act as an advantage when looking for jobs.

When looking for an interior designer, the people in the industry usually prefer the individual to have the above degrees, along with the subjects relevant to interior designing, like 3D design, furniture design, fine art, textile design, etc.

Even though work experience is not mandatory, many employers will look for some experience in the field, either in internships or part-time jobs.

Along with education, the other thing most important to get hired as an interior designer is the skills that you possess. The individual needs to have a niche for creativity, innovation, and out of the box thinking. To be well suited for a job, one will have to be good at communicating and should be a problem solver. The ethics should match that of the organization they work for.

Types of Job in the field: 

  • Interior and Spatial Designer: Particularly working in renovating and transforming the interior space, these designers focus on the internal furniture, lighting, fixtures and fittings.
  • Lighting designers: Specifically working on different designs of the lights and where they should be situated. They decide where to fit lights in office areas and even home spaces for a better environment.
  • Visual Merchandisers: They work with showcasing innovative retail outlets to attract customers to their shop.
  • Production Designer: They work in the entertainment industry to bring the director’s ideas to life through their creativity.
  • Exhibition Designer: They work on huge projects and showcase the message the clients want to give out to the customers.

According to the above jobs, an individual in interior designing can look for jobs in architectural firms, interior designing companies, retailers, the entertainment industry for set designing, and event management companies.

According to researchers, this market is expected to witness exponential growth by the year 2025. With this demand, there will also be great demand for jobs. In the US, it is a high-income job and is highly favorable. The average salary of an interior designer in the USA is approximately $58000 per year. In California, interior design is one of the highest-paid jobs.

Potential interior designers can look for jobs on, where they will get various interior design job opportunities in their favored field. With the high demand for jobs, it should be a smooth journey to find a job eligible for the same.