Retirement living- Things to know

The retirement living at the Downs Toowoomba village retirement community is a boon. The architects have designed villas at Toowoomba retirement village with spacious two bedrooms and three-bedroom villas. The community is surrounded by trees on both pathways with colorful leaves and flowers, which always keeps the surrounding with positive vibration. The community has everything inside, starting from fruits and veggies shop, bakery, meat shops, spa, beauty parlor, general provisions shops, and lots of others. Downs Toowoomba also hasa commutation facility and sports activity.


For most of the senior citizens dwelling in retirement villages Toowoomba QLD, prefers independent living along with the social connection. The residents are provided with numerous activities for keeping their body and mind energetic, which will automatically pave the way for healthy and happy living. The following are the activities that rejuvenate their mind and body:


The residents are offered the opportunity to do something new using arts and crafts like painting, drawing, origami, paper quilling, embroidery, knitting, making mobile purses, pouch, and so on. By involving in these activities, the residents will get confidence and definitely will have a clear mental state.


The library area is the most preferred by senior citizens as they love to read books and magazines after a meal or breakfast. The library comprises all the latest edition books, novels, and magazines. The library has central A.C with numerous comfortable chairs and tables.


The residents of the retirement village can enjoy lots of gaming like cube puzzles, billiards, table tennis, carom board, chess, and other mind games.

Community room

Every retirement community will have a community room where they can celebrate birthdays, wedding days, and other special events with a BBQ facility.


The Downs Toowoomba village retirement community offers the following services to the residents.

  • Healthy food items
  • Any time cleaning and laundry service just with a phone call from your house
  • 24*7 medical service and one doctor and nurse will always be there to attend the patients at any time.
  • The retirement community also provide physiotherapy, chiropodist, audiology, etc
  • They also provide transportation anywhere the residents wish.


The living at the retirement community will perform many activities, such that it will kindle the volunteering nature of every resident of the community. The reason for enhancing this volunteering nature is to make them socially connected with other residents of the community. The sad part of old age is it will always make you remember of few bad incidents or something negative. These can be easily overcome by taking part in volunteering activities and become socially connected with fellow people.

The retirement community will let the senior citizens enjoy their life to the core, and they will have a positive social connection. They might also learn many new things by taking part in various activities and events arranged by the management. By organizing various events and activities, the residents will always remain calm and composed, which paves the way for healthy retirement living.