The Way to a Cleaner Energy Future

Despite the cynics, climate change is backed by peer-reviewed science and data. We are learning all the time about new climate models and this is helping us to understand how we can best mitigate the worst effects of climate change. Solar energy is a key part of reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and decreasing our carbon emissions.

The Truth of the Science

Despite fossil fuel companies and overblown media personalities with an axe to grind, the science around climate change is based on data and sophisticated modelling.

Carbon emissions have increased in line with our industrial impact on the environment since the dawn of the industrial revolution. And detailed analysis of climate that has been preserved in deep ice cores in places such as the Arctic and Siberia also tell us that even though climate change is a naturally occurring phenomenon, our current rate of change is 5000 times faster than any of these ancient records tell us.

Why Does it Matter?

As aerosols and carbon increase in our atmosphere, they absorb radiant heat. This acts as a blanket and we call this the greenhouse effect. This effect is natural and allows the earth to heat up and sustain life but an overload of this effect can heat the planet too much and cause extreme weather events. Furthermore, this heating of up to 20 degrees on current models means that many current animal and plant species will simply become extinct.

As our seas absorb more carbon and become acidified, and as our ecosystem is impacted, we will need to make drastic changes in the way that we live. But we can mitigate the worst effects of climate change and reduce the increase in global temperatures if we act right now.

The Role of Solar Technology

Companies such as Sunbank Solar have a key role to play in our fight against climate change. If we are to reduce our carbon emissions significantly, we need to make the transition from a fossil fuel-based energy economy to a sustainable one. In this, solar energy is central.

Australia is one of the leading countries when it comes to solar technology and clean energy. Many companies have taken up the mantle of providing solar panels to both homes and businesses.

Why Choose Solar?

Solar panel technology has improved drastically in recent years. This means that prices have come down and there is a massive push to install it on rooftops. One of the most recent developments is in battery storage. Rather than simply feed energy back into the grid, battery storage means that the captured and transformed solar energy can be stored on site to be used at another time.


As we transition from fossil fuels to sustainable energy, solar technology continues to play a key role. Those who have solar panels installed are part of a clean energy future and those who opt to have solar batteries installed will find that they rely less on the energy grid and can become self-sufficient.