Why A Woman’s Fade Haircut Could Be Your Ideal Summer Look


Fade haircut styles have been trending with men and boys for  quite some time, but did you know that they are also popular with women? Similar to a pixie cut, the fade cut is super short and perfect for a bold summer haircut.

In the following article, we will discuss why women’s fade haircut styles are catching on for girls and women of phases in life. This fashionable cut could be just what you are looking for as the weather gets warmer and days get longer!

What is a Fade Haircut?

For centuries, it was considered taboo for a woman not to have long, flowing hair. But after World War II, fashionable women were trading their long locks for stylish and elegant short bobs. In the 1950s, pixie cuts became a trend thanks to the Golden Age of Hollywood. And now, fade hairstyles for women are becoming mainstream.

A fade cut is  very similar to a pixie haircut in that it is shorter than a bob haircut, which typically is longer all around and falls around chin to shoulder-length. However, a fade haircut is a type of pixie cut that is faded in the back and on the sides. It transitions gradually with the longer length at the top of the head.

Pros of a Faded Hairstyle for Women

As it is basically a more daring form of a pixie cut, there are many advantages to a fade cut. Keep in mind that in order to maintain the effect of the shorter sides and back, you will need to have your hair trimmed more frequently than with other styles. However, the freedom of this avant-garde look is worth a few extra trips to the salon!

  1. Fade hairstyles give you some freedom to play around with bold and fun hair shades. You can even incorporate hair tattoos into the side or back and give them a playful pop of color.
  2. You can still dress  up your hair with accessories such as headbands, scarves and hats. Small decorative clips, combs and hairpins will still work with many fade cuts.
  3. If you love dramatic and over-the-top makeup, a fade cut is a great way to draw attention to those stunning facial features.
  4. This look is stunning for those who are looking for an eclectic and fashion-forward hairstyle.
  5. Depending on the style and how much product you use, you won’t have to shampoo your hair as often. As well, you will be shocked by how quickly it dries. Say goodbye to hours of straightening and/or curling your long hair!
  6. If you spend most of the time pulling your hair back in a ponytail or bun during the summer, a fade cut could be exactly what you need. This is the perfect look for hot and humid summer days. Not to mention, you won’t have to keep brushing your hair out of your eyes on windy days.

There is a fade haircut to match any bone structure, face shape, age and personality! From faded buzz cuts to classy pompadours to undercut fades and taper fades, we are sure you will fall in love with this short and sassy style!