Online Slot Game Malaysia – The Gamble Gone Wrong

To find good in bad can be a sign of optimism, but what if the bad goes worst?It all started to make easy money, and then there is a gambling disorder that stands confident enough or victorious or may be triumphant even. The digital world and cutting-edge advancements in technology made online frauds happen in a few seconds with no traces left.

But where it all started? Let us climb the ladder step by step about the online casinos.

Legalizing the illegal

It takes us way back to 1994 when a tiny nation named Antigua licensed the first-ever online casino.Kahnawake gaming commission’s establishment in 1996 had a sole reason to introduce transparency in online gambling licenses. The game of risk-takers gained popularity, and revenues of several casinos were in millions of us dollars. Later several commissions and agencies were formed out of consensus to legitimate online slot game Malaysia and related operations. So, Let’s get starts.

The price finally paid

The worst part of a gamble gone wrong arrived in 2007. An Online Slot Game Malaysia house named as absolute poker was charged with forgery and wiped out the cash of the users. It all became possible because of the technology and evil smartness of the owner of the poker house. Although being a licensed poker room, this activity was going on undetected for years. Upon surfacing, it proved to be a nightmare in the online gaming industry. It left a dark spot, and even after monetary compensation was paid to victims, there is a constant fear among amateurs or new entrants who try their luck in becoming millionaires overnight.

Craving!! Compulsion!!Enslavement

The words are fancy, but the outcome is not. The worst to follow was an addiction to easy money where a person cannot resist playing casino and eventually surrenders and gets in a trap. The new addiction is gambling disorder or ludomania. It shows quite a resemblance to substance abuse symptoms, and those suffering from it generally over-consume alcohol or do drugs. The problem generally takes a gigantic form to contemplate self-killing among gamblers who lose their money after several failed attempts. An ancient tradition known as the game of chances with roots in Mesopotamia, now known as Iraq, had entertainment. Now it is a brutal business and a well-known example of commercialization of entertainment. It is just money mindedness that has taken over and overnight success, acting as a positive catalyst in the whole scenario. But there is some good that happened with strict laws and regulations that came into frame.

Although the jurisdiction of the commission is within UK territory, it paved the way for other preventive measures. America being tough, does not allow citizens under 21 to enter a casino. Several other nations are taking noteworthy measures to counter the adverse effects of illegal gambling through online casinos. Although the approach is structured, there is still a lot to tackle to curb the problem.