How to Win Premium Resources in Castle Crush?

If you are looking for a game with epic battles with several players, then Castle Crush by TFG Co. is the best choice. You can get your troops and have them fight battles with monsters. You will need to develop strategies and use them to win the battles. The game provides an exciting experience, and you can have great fun.

Winning the battles will help you win rewards or premium resources. These rewards will push you forward in the game. The best ways to win the premium resources are listed below:

  • Gain warlords and spells: The game is very competitive, and the battles might be tough. But as you win each battle, you rise the ranks. After defeating the enemy troops, you will also be able to unlock more warlords, magic spells and even mythical creatures or monsters.
  • Use tactics to get rewards: Once you get more warlords, you will have to strategize and find out which tactics will help you end battles faster. You can select archers to target enemies farther away. To break down the enemy’s defences, you can use a royal golem.
  • Defeat other players: Many people from all over the world play Castle Crush and they will be building castles. You should bring down these castles to gain magic cards. Magic cards will help you get the premium resources. The magic cards also have surprise gifts in store.
  • Win battles quickly:As you get more warlords and spells, you can quickly defeat more enemies. With more warlords, you will have more choice while fighting in battles. You choose specific warlords to fight certain battles where their strengths are necessary.
  • Daily free cards: If you are a regular player and fight battles every day, then you will be rewarded a free card each day. The more cards you get, the easier it will be for you to win.
  • Become a champion: The best premium resources are given to you as you pass the levels. If you can defeat all your opponents, then you will become the champion of Castle Crush and win the premium rewards.

 With every level you pass, your enemies will get tougher and tougher to defeat. Winning each battle in Castle Crush will help you get more premium resources. The rewards will help you gain more troops and eventually become the champion.