Fun ways to stay connected with your loved ones using prepaid cards amidst social distancing

The current pandemic and successive lockdowns have made meeting your loved ones, friends, and family difficult. However, even in this new normal, you can stay connected with the most cherished people of your life through the internet.

To ensure you are always connected with people in the outside world, you will need an internet connection that lives up to your expectations – fast connection, strong service and always ready to bring the virtual world at your palm’s convenience. There are so many internet plans available with your service provider, but you may be wondering how to make the most of your prepaid plans.

Here are some fun and exciting ways that make staying at home more enjoyable:

  1. Relax with video calls

Missing your friends and loved ones? Just video call them and have a laugh, tell them about what happened at work or school, describe them a cooking recipe, or even hangout with your old college friend group who you have been missing a lot lately.

On a video call, the possibilities of what you can do are simply endless. All you need is a good prepaid plan. 4G speed ensure that users can get state of the art internet connectivity that allow them to have HD quality video calls with anyone.

  1. Endless social media

Are you a social media buff and cannot wait to put stories, posts, and status updates for your dear followers? A 4G prepaid plan takes care of that for you, giving you massive amounts of data, which helps you to stay connected on multiple platforms, all throughout the day.

With blazing fast 4G speed, videos get downloaded faster than ever before, while higher upload speeds ensure your texts and posts are uploaded quicker. Thus, thanks to a comprehensive prepaid plan, the overall social media experience on a 4G network is extremely well-rounded and smooth. It makes you feel connected and always in touch with your loved ones through the virtual world.

  1. Watch movies and shows together

An incredible 4G speed has made watching movies so much better than before. Now you can experience the very best of Bollywood, Hollywood, and even regional cinema, in the comfort of your homes. A few Airtel prepaid plans also offer users a free subscription to Disney+ Hotstar on their mobile, which makes the deal even more lucrative.

To add to the excitement, you can even ask your friends or loved ones to start watching these shows, so that everyone completes them at the same time, giving you ample scope to talk about the characters, the twists, the acting and the general feel of the whole movie or web series.

  1. Play online games

While lockdown may have stopped the world, but the universe of online gaming has taken off by leaps and bounds over the period. There is a massive world of online games out there, suited for people of all ages. If you are someone who loves sports, there are games which allow you and your loved ones to play over the internet.

On the other hand, first person shooter games also have a large fan following and are played by a lot of people. If trivia games keep you interested more than anything else, then you can enjoy these with your friends. A prepaid plan with superfast 4G speed is all you will ever need.

Thus, there are plenty of ways through which you can use your prepaid plans to keep yourself entertained in this lockdown period. How you choose to spend time with your loved ones is always up to you, but a high speed 4G connection ensures that you are always within second of reaching out to your dear ones.