Steps to Consider for SharePoint Migration Project Planning

Microsoft SharePoint is considered one of the most efficient collaboration software programs available. It is reliable, secure, and scalable in the business world. Every organization has distinct business processes, data, needs, and regulations, and, accordingly SharePoint migration services planning should be initiated. There are several benefits of SharePoint but migrating to SharePoint can be a complex process. Hence, the demand for the right migration service is high rendering user-friendly experiences to users.

Understanding business challenges

Office 365/SharePoint has features that fill up gaps in a business. Before considering migration to SharePoint, it is vital to identify and understand the issues and challenges in the business. It is also important to understand how moving to a SharePoint platform can enhance the overall business. Some of the reasons that businesses opt for a SharePoint migration are as follows:

  •   More advanced security features
  •   Customizable features
  •   More support
  •   Better storage
  •   No maintenance

No matter what the reason might be, it is necessary to align business goals with the SharePoint migration plan.

Having a migration team

When a specialist migration team is hired to oversee the process of migration, it saves a lot of time and is cost-effective as well. An experienced and skilled team is required because of the following:

  •   Documentation
  •   System auditing
  •   Strategy-making
  •   Testing
  •   Information architecture design

Alongside a specialist, internal tech experts of a business house can also assist in every step of SharePoint migration services.

Considering future tactics

When one is considering SharePoint migration services, it is vital to recognize the current business operation. Keeping this in mind, one has to implement changes in workflow automation, project management plans, and organizational structure impacting the flow of information. Before considering the SharePoint migration project for future business strategy, one must be able to answer the following three questions:

  •   What will be the database size in the future?
  •   What is the anticipated user growth?
  •   What is the scalability level required for the business environment?

The answers to the questions help to identify the customized solutions that are required in the business.

Building a communication strategy

Before incorporating the migration service, there must be a communication strategy laid out in the SharePoint migration plan document. The migration team members need to have knowledge and understanding of their tasks in the whole migration procedure. Furthermore, they should also have information about the project plans before starting the migration, and also the post-project plans.

Execute management strategy changes

With every migration process, there is a challenge associated with the changes in the management strategy. It is necessary to ensure that the entire migration team is ready to imbibe the adjustments and changes that can take place in the existing business data environment. Some of the adjustments or changes that can take place are as follows:

  •   The timeline of the entire migration project
  •   URL changes
  •   Downtimes
  •   Bookmarks
  •   Document references


The SharePoint migration services are complicated and time-consuming. When there are uncertainties and challenges at any point, it is better to consult a specialist in the field. The specialists help to achieve SharePoint migration efficiently and seamlessly. Furthermore, there is more security, better performance, and lesser environmental challenges with the right migration service.