Best Puzzle Games For Android Today. Download Now

The development in technology has made it easy to access smartphones. Smartphones are now readily available and very affordable. The increase in the number of smartphones has also led to high demand for games because people are looking for games that can give them hours of fun.  One of the best games that are very entertaining is a puzzle game.

Puzzle games are classic games that are mind-teasing and fun to play. They are a must-have in your smartphone. But with so many puzzle games available, which ones can you choose. Well, keep on reading this piece to find out some of the best puzzle games for android today. Let’s get started!

  1. Monument Valley

Of course, Monument Valley has to be on the top list for the best puzzle games for android. This puzzle game is probably one of the best puzzle games ever to grace the mobile platform. It is effortless, brilliantly developed, and provides a great puzzling experience. In this game, you must put your mind to it and help the character reach its destination. One of the things that make this game quite interesting is that it has a 3D setting. It is also fun to play. So you cannot afford not to have Monument Valley on your smartphone.

  1. Escape Room

Another top puzzle game for android is the Escape Room. This puzzle requires you to look for objects brilliantly. You will get the concept of the game when you open this app. The game also provides the player with a limited number of hints to allow the player to move ahead with ease in case they get stuck. The game has many levels; you will start with the first level and move up more levels. You will have to find a certain number of objects and make good use of them in the scene.

The Escape Room is such an intriguing game, and its level of difficulty makes it a perfect option if you want to improve your problem-solving skills.

  1. Sudoku

Sudoku puzzle game is also a classic game and one of the best mobile puzzle games. Sudoku basically brings the daily newspaper puzzle game to your smartphone. The game is all about arranging numbers both horizontally and vertically. The grid is 9X9, and the number count is 1 to 9. The player must ensure that each grid does not have the same number. This is how you will be able to make a perfect Sudoku. This game is fun for all gamers.

  1. The Room Series

The Room Series is also a very popular puzzle game developed by the Fireproof Games. It has a total of four games with hours of puzzles that are challenging. While playing the Room Series, you will spend a few hours. One of the latest games in the Room Series is The Room: Old Sins. If you like a good puzzle, you can check out the whole series.