5 Helpful Tips for Choosing the Perfect Inflatable Paddle Boards 

Paddle boarding is a fast-growing water activity all over the world. It has increased the demand for paddle boards. Currently, numerous brands of paddle boards are selling in the market. Buyers are spoilt for choice. Adverts for SUPs are making the selection process harder. With the right info, you can choose the best inflatable boards. Listed below are helpful tips for selecting quality inflatable paddle boards.

Brand selection 

Few brands of SUP boards always stand out from the rest. They provide quality inflatable SUP compared to their competitors. These brands have perfected the art of constructing quality boards. Their boards have unique features that make them perfect for paddle boarding. Normally, these brands charge higher prices for their products. Irrespective of their prices, you are guaranteed of getting value for money.


Inflatable boards must enclose air within them to float on water. When the board is punctured it cannot be used. That is why you must check the quality of materials used in manufacturing them. The best inflatable paddle board is made of tough material. It is difficult for such a board to be punctured. Thus, it will last for a very long time. Avoid buying inflatable boards made of thin and weak material.

Board size 

The inflatable boards are made in different sizes. Every client has his/her own unique needs. Thus, they will need a specific size of SUP that is perfect for them. Once you understand how the different SUPs function, picking the right one will be easier. You can choose a long, short, wide or narrow board. Wider and longer boards are stable. They are perfect for beginners. Thicker boards support more weight.


Learn more about the technology used in making the paddle board. The construction process affects the SUP’s performance. During the construction process, manufacturers regulate the weight of the inflatable SUP. They must ensure it is light for effective paddle boarding. The fusion technology in construction ensures thin materials are properly reinforced. Hence, the paddle board remains light and strong.


Many people choose to buy a low-quality inflatable paddle board because they are cheap. Such boards will only save you money initially. However, after a short time, you will be forced to replace it. It is advisable to invest in a good SUP even though it is expensive. You are likely to use the board for many years. That will save you more money, especially for paddle boarding lovers.