Why and How to Deep Clean House Before Travel


People travel for a lot of reasons. It may be for work-related reasons, or to explore new places and see unique sceneries or simply relax, unwind and take time off from the stressful and demanding responsibilities and obligations of one’s day to day life.

The length of the trip also varies and depends on the person. Some would like to have just a three-day quick getaway from a busy schedule. Others would opt for a week-long vacation out of town or out of the country. But no matter how long one’s trip is, it is still essential to deep clean a house before travelling.

Why is there a need to deep clean a house?

Deep cleaning a house is a complete, extensive way of cleaning. It covers not only the surfaces or areas where dirt is commonly seen. Deep cleaning is much more thorough than the regular cleaning and can be done weekly, once a month, every six months or how the house owner would prefer.

In deep cleaning, deep sooted dirt and grimes are removed, every corner of the house is properly cleaned and vacuumed, window panes and door frames are carefully dusted and cleaned, areas behind appliances are deeply cleaned and mopped a lot more tasks. The house is cleaned from the exterior to the interior, meticulously minding the little details that are not usually covered with regular cleaning and giving attention to the areas usually skipped in daily cleaning because it is believed to be ‘less dirty’, which is a misconception.

Deep cleaning the house helps keep tabs on the dirt and dust of the house and would help minimise the accumulation of germs and bacteria in the corners of the house. Also, with deep cleaning, it helps improve the air quality in one’s home as it gets rid of deeply built-up dust effectively that really benefits the health of the people residing in the house.

When one travels, no matter how long, it cannot be avoided that dirt and dust would gather or pile up on surfaces and furniture and appliances, especially that daily cleaning cannot be done during the said duration. That is why it is essential to do a deep house cleaning before travelling. In this way, one is able to manage or control the unwanted dirt in the house while one is away for the trip.

There are a lot of ways on how to clean a house deep. It depends on the size of the house, the number of rooms, appliances and other things to consider. But there are a lot of tips on the internet on how to productively deep clean a house. There are also deep clean checklists that one can use when deep cleaning the house. Others would hire a maid service that offers a great deal of deep house cleaning services.

How do you deep clean a house before travelling?

1.    Clean the clutter

Prior to starting deep house cleaning, it is important to declutter and tidy the areas. Objects placed on the floor, countertops, center tables, and display cabinets should be removed to ease access to these areas during the deep cleaning. Decluttering helps deep cleaning a lot easier because the areas needed to deep clean are much more accessible, saving time and effort.

2.    Plan

After decluttering, it is best to plan out (with the help of tips and checklists found on the internet) what to tend first, what area needs much more time and effort, and to stock the necessary equipment to be able to properly deep clean the house, and to be able to clean the house in a much more systematic manner.

It is preferable to start on the grunt work, like tackling hard to reach surfaces – ceiling, light fixtures, walls and baseboards. Then afterwards, one can proceed in deep cleaning the respective rooms, kitchen and other areas. Surfaces that are near the floor can easily be accumulated by dust and dirt so it would be best if these surfaces are tended last.

3.    Deep Cleaning Proper

  • Bathrooms

Before cleaning the bathroom, it is important to spray all areas with a cleaning material and let it soak for a while to be able to remove hardened dirt and watermarks on surfaces and corners easily.

Next, one should make sure to scrub the shower, sink and toilet properly to get rid of unwanted stains and unpleasant smells. It is also important to give specific effort to the mirrors, windows and glass doors in the bathroom to make it as appealing as it can be.

  • Kitchen

When tending the kitchen, it is important to include cleaning the kitchen appliances and replacing old sponges with new ones and shifting used kitchen towels to newly washed ones aside from organizing the kitchen cabinets and kitchen utensils and wiping and disinfecting the cabinets and surfaces like the countertops and sink.

  • Common areas and Bedrooms

One should vacuum all corners of the area. And changing the sheets, linens, pillowcases and curtains is a must. Display figurines must be dusted, and other objects in the area should be properly arranged and organized. Rugs and carpets should be cleaned appropriately and should be made sure that those are free from dirt and stains. Window panes should be thoroughly wiped, decors must be well dusted, and other surfaces should be polished well.

Yes, regular cleaning would suffice in making a house look presentable and clean. Still, when certain circumstances give rise to and would make one look closer and give attention to every corner of the house, one would notice the dirt, grimes, dust and other undesirable things that piled up over time.

Having a home that is clean and clutter-free has a significant impact on one’s health. With a deep-cleaned house, there is a slim chance of harboring allergens and bacterias that would be considered harmful to one’s physical health. In addition, going back to a deep cleaned home from an eventful trip is good for one’s mental health.

Coming home to a sparkly clean home would produce a positive environment that is a great place to rejuvenate and relax from a stressful and demanding world full of responsibilities and obligations.