8 things new adopted dog owners should know

Bringing a new puppy into the family is a great time and filled with excitement. Naturally, you want to spend as much time with them and have them meet your other loved ones!

However, adopted puppies often have to adjust to and learn new things, including new people, boundaries, places and routines. Therefore, it’s good to give your new pup a week or so to learn these things and settle in with the family.

There are so many things you can do to help your new adopted doggo: maintaining a consistent diet, keeping the same familiar items around and even picking up top pet insurance!

Let’s take a look at eight things you can do for your new adopted pup to help them settle into their new family with ease.

  1. Maintain the same diet

Try to feed your adopted pup the same food they were eating at their previous home. You don’t want your new dog getting an upset tummy, and you can gradually switch their diet over time to something more suitable!

  1. Keep similar items around

It’s a good idea to bring the same toys, towels or blankets from their previous home. Your pup has to adjust to their new home, and having items that carry the same scent from their previous home may help smooth the transition.

  1. Get the rules in place!

Your family should agree on some new rules for your new family member! Consistency is key as your new dog doesn’t want to get the wrong idea about what’s allowed and what isn’t allowed. For example, be sure to use the same command words for when you want them to do things like sit and stay – this way they will become second nature and your dog will always know what they mean!

  1. Restrict house access

Your dog doesn’t need unrestricted house access as soon as they move in. They may have been living in small confines at their last home, and you don’t want them feeling overwhelmed by having all this new space! Try to keep your new doggo close to you and in one or two rooms at first – this way they can gradually ease into bigger surroundings!

  1. Manage toys & treats

Obviously you want to spoil your new puppy, but giving them too much food can lead to short and long term health problems! Also, be sure to give them a chewy toy that they know they can gnaw on without ripping up your favourite possessions.

  1. Keep their safety in mind

You should always have your new pup’s safety in mind. It’s never a bad idea to take your new dog outside on a leash – even in the backyard, as you don’t know if they are a skillful little digger or training your dog for the doggy high jump championship. Be sure to get tags for your dog’s collar with your ID details as well as having them microchipped.

  1. Incorporate exercise

You want to regularly exercise your new doggo. You can start with games of fetch in the backyard and walks on a leash. If it’s too cold, you can play fetch with your small dog in smaller rooms in the home, keeping safety in mind as your new little pup expels some nervous energy.

  1. Create a routine

Try to stick to regular walk and meal times. Follow a routine in which your new doggo can become accustomed to, and you can adjust this routine over time as your dog becomes more comfortable in their new home.