What Exactly Is Skip Tracing? Knowing Process, Tools, And More!

Sometimes, a debtor may not pay installments or dues in time, and the creditor has no choice but to attempt communication. If the person doesn’t respond to calls, emails and other forms of communication, the creditor or lender will rely on skip tracing. The debtor has basically ‘skipped’ or left town, which is how the term is coined. Microbilt is among the best companies with skip tracing tools, meant for both early and advanced stages of search. Let’s start by understanding the simple things.

Understanding the basics

Coming to the main question – What is skip tracing? In simple words, skip tracing is the process of finding a debtor, person, or business, who is otherwise not accessible through the standard means of communication or via their given address (s).

How is skip tracing done?

Skip tracing follows a standard process. The first step is to find the information available and verify the same, to know if the debtor had given any wrong or misleading information. The second step is to find as many details as possible about the concerned subject. The information is then analyzed and verified to the best possible extent. The standard resources and publicly available databases may not suffice the needs of skip tracing, so collectors and skip tracers may rely on additional tools.

Microbilt’s suite

Microbilt has a mix of tools that are used for skip tracing. The first one is called Super Phone, which is more of a dynamic tool, which allows complete control over the details to be searched. You can get phone numbers, addresses, and business names. There are other two tools like Enhanced People Search and People Search, both designed to find early information and critical identity details. Address Search, on the other hand, allows to find current and previous addresses, while Trace Detail is an advanced tool that also aims to find the details of names and contacts of associates, neighbors, friends, and relatives of an individual.

Final word

Microbilt has managed to become a leading name in developing skip tracing and identity verification tools, and the company has incredible work in offering support to clients. They also have custom assistance, as and where required, and you can refer to their website to find more relevant details. They also have sample reports, so you can check how a report from a particular tool will look like. Check the skip tracing suite from Microbilt now!