Things you did not know you could do with Windows 10 Pro

The following are some of the things which you can do with Windows 10 pro upgrade that you didn’t know that it is possible to do:

Searching within documents

With the capabilities of Cortana, particularly for being able to snoop, they have been improved greatly. It is possible to forage via the contents of the documents to get what you are looking for. it can be able to search through the files which are stored in the OneDrive. All you have to do is to say; Cortana search all my document for ……… and if it is able to get a match, it will retrieve  it and show you in the search window.

Set reminders which are detailed

With the revision of Cortana which is detailed, the Microsoft is able to start to fulfill the original vision of a personal assistant that is useful. Following the anniversary update, you can be able to log onto more granular, reminders that are timely by having to say things like. “Be able to remind me to pick my books on Monday at 2pm”. The information which is appropriate will automatically be added to it.  You will be told what you are supposed to do at the appropriate day and time.

Set your reminders from the lock screen

It is possible to be able to find lock on your computer occasionally before having to remember something that you are supposed to do. Instead of having to force your log back in to leave a note for yourself, reminders which are detailed can be set while the computer is on the lock mode. All you have to do is say something like; “Hallo Cortana” which will wake up your digital assistant then you go ahead and tell it whatever you want it to note. It could be possible that your family knows this particular trick; they might as well leave you missives as well if they find that your computer is not attended to.

Add some photos to the reminders

Reminders are believed to be bland while at the same time things which are functional and thus, it doesn’t hurt spicing them up by having to add certain visuals. There is an option which is normally at the bottom of the window when a reminder is being set, to take a photo using the camera of your device or to be able to upload one.

It might be great when you are out creating your shopping list. It is also something good which will ensure that you look at your notifications; an image that is bright could be more eye-catching than having to look at some dull plain text.

Activating the dark mode

Microsoft saw the light by bringing up to Windows 10, the Dark Mode and you will enjoy it if you are someone who like working at night or who has a screen that is bright and it is placing a lot of unnecessary strain onto your eyes.