The Best Way to Travel from Hyderabad to Bangalore: Train, Road or Flight Journey?

With so many possible transportation services available to you between Hyderabad and Bangalore, it is easy to get confused. Keep reading to find out about three different ways and choose the best one.

Whether you are travelling for a business meeting or going on a vacation, the start of your journey affects your entire travel plans. As a traveller, you would want to choose the most convenient and affordable transport mode that makes your journey comfortable.

Mentioned below is the comparison between the mode of transports available for your journey from Hyderabad to Bangalore to help you find the best way to travel!

Travelling Via Road

There are many ways you can travel via road. You can take a bus, hire a cab or even drive yourself to your destination.


  • No pre-booking hassle, you can book your cab or get tickets for your bus on the same day as well.
  • Travelling via bus is one of the most affordable ways.
  • If you are travelling by cab, you can make the in-between stops according to your convenience.


  • Buses have pre-decided stops for restrooms services that can cause inconvenience.
  • The journey via road from Hyderabad to Bangalore is of 10 to 12 hours. Hence, whether you take a bus, cab, or car journey, it can be quite tiring.
  • The cab fair can prove to be a very expensive option.
  • If you’re travelling alone, the 12-hour long journey can become boring.
  • You can delay your arrival by a few hours, depending on the traffic conditions, the number of stops you make in between, etc.
  • Relieving yourself in the journey can be a hassle with limited access to clean restrooms.

Travelling Via Train

Trains have been a go-to option for most people in India. There are several options when it comes to travelling from Hyderabad to Bangalore via railways. Let us discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this mode of transport.


  • You can customize your journey and book your ticket (sleeper, 3AC, 2AC or even first-class) for a train that suits your needs.
  • Train ticket fare is cheaper than cab fare.
  • Unlike buses, you can use the restrooms available on the train.
  • Trains are more comfortable for a 10 to 12-hour journey.


  • Not a suitable option if your trip is time-sensitive.
  • Due to Covid-19, it is advised not to use public washrooms. This makes a 10 hours train journey highly inconvenient.
  • Surge pricing is a common issue while booking a train ticket.
  • You have to book your ticket a lot in advance as the seats fill up fast.

Travelling Via Flight

Flights are highly reliable and a short-haul option for travelling from Hyderabad to Bangalore. They are also known to follow covid-19 protocols more vigilantly.


  • Preferred for business travels as it saves time.
  • Airlines are very strict about covid protocol; hence flights are known to be the safest mode of transport during the pandemic.
  • The time taken by flight from Hyderabad to Bangalore is usually less than travelling by road or train; hence it is comparatively easy to avoid the use of the restroom.


  • You need to pre-book your flight tickets. However, you can find tickets at a slightly higher price on the date of travel as well.
  • Flights can often be an expensive option, but only if you don’t plan well.

What to Choose?

While choosing a mode of transport, you also have to factor-in the covid-19 guidelines for travel. Flights prove to be safer than a bus, train, or car. For a pre-planned trip, it is always better to choose to fly to Bangalore. Flights are time-sensitive, reliable, and more comfortable than travelling in a crowded bus.

Travelling via flight also means you will be able to avoid the hassle of traffic and pollution. Moreover, if you are a part of a travel loyalty program, you can redeem your offers to make your tickets more budget-friendly.