Unique Offbeat Destination of Tacloban

At first glance you would not believe the city of Tacloban witnessed one the worst natural calamities in the history of Philippines. Typhoon Yolanda devastated the city, riffing off all the amenities and damaging many historical monuments. But with sheer determination and unity the citizens rebuild the city. The city stands with its full grandeur. New restaurants, bars were opened, shopping malls were built, and the brotherhood glued. The new city is more hospitable, warmer hearted Tacloban is always considered as gateway to the islands of Leyte and Smar, but now it is a tourist vacation on its merit. Spend a few days to hear the gallant stories, taste the culture and tradition of this lion hearted land.

Kanhuraw hill

The city hall of Tacloban; Kanhuraw hill is an idyllic place to spend a leisurely afternoon. Enjoy the cool breeze from the nearby Kankabato Bay; watch the local people jogging around, seat in a bench under a tree to get pleasure from the surrounding. This is a center of meeting, for the locals and couples to have some quiet moments. Around New Year and Christmas the area is decorated with brightly lit Christmas tree.

Affordable places to stay

Cheap hotels in Tacloban are perfect places for tourists with a budget. These hotels are clean, situated near the center of the city with lots of restaurants and shopping malls at vicinity. The traffic is reasonable without compromising the service. The breakfast are the delicious, the morning tea is aromatic. The rooms are equipped with free Wi-Fi; the toilets are clean with complementary toiletries. Many hotels have their own restaurants where varied, delicious, palatable dishes are offered for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Sea food

If you do not taste the ethnic Filipino sea food cuisines then you miss a lot. Many restaurants are located at Senator Enage Street, which is the epicenter of the town. The food is delectable, quantity is ample and service is unparallel. The seaweed salad is appetizing, the sarad adobo is must, and the fish sinigang is delightful. A wide range of delectable wine is served; do not shy to order one.

Shooting natural bridge Natural Park

This 841 hectare natural park is situated just across the river from the city. You can spend a leisurely day or take part in adventure sports in the natural park. The underground caves are the chief attraction of the park. The bizarre rock formation gives a creepy feeling, spikes hanging like ropes and bats dangling from the ceiling. The local guide you provide you with interesting facts and answer your queries.

The river Sohoton runs through this park, and the place is encircled with lush green forest, and majestic limestone rocks. This park was established in 1935 to preserve the natural flora and fauna and the delicate ecological balance. The park is picturesque with pristine cascade, dramatic river, lush forest and many limestone caves. This is a unique out of the ordinary destination which will make you wonder about the wonders of nature.