Solar Power System: All About Inverters And What They Do

If you live in Florida and you’ve been looking for a new way that you can improve on your power bills while making your home greener, you might want to consider the idea of adding solar panels to your home. Solar panels are an excellent investment and installing a solar power system to convert solar energy into electricity will make sure that you can save money and help the environment considerably. Learning more about a solar power system before you start the installation can be important to understanding the value it can bring. In this article we’re going to be focusing more on solar power inverters and their role in the process of generating energy for your home through a solar system.

What Is The Function Of A Solar Inverter

A solar panel requires a piece of hardware that can keep it functioning optimally. One of the pieces of hardware that is most crucial to the operation of the solar panel is an inverter. An inverter essentially converts the power captured by the solar system into alternating current that can be used inside your home. Direct current and alternating current are the two types of electricity that will flow from the panels, direct current is the flow of electrons to travel one way from the panels to your home, alternate currents can flow both ways and this is the type of electricity that needs to make its way into your home to power your devices.

An inverter works by storing up power from your solar panel, releases the stored power when the voltage rises, and then places the energy into an electronic capacitor that can continuously recharge and release the alternating current into your home.

As a short answer for the function of the inverter, it stores energy and then releases it back to your home in a format that is compatible with your electronic devices. Inverters often last decades but they will require replacement. Getting an expert to inspect your inverter regularly to make sure that it continues running strong and that you can spot the signs for repair when they are required.

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