Is Plasma Cutting Expensive Or Worth The Price?

Are you a customer who wonders about the value of a product? If you are, no worries, you are in the same boat as many other people as various consumers are eager to inquire about the “value” of products.

Do you know a machine and tools value is determined by what is more valuable to a manufacturer in the metal fabrication industry?

Because of this, there are multiple things you need to consider while purchasing metal fabrication machines. Among those, certain features would be a priority and credible which will make the price higher but result in a significant product.

Let’s have a quick analysis of the overall price that must consist of the operational costs and rate of production.

These considerations are obvious to make before buying a plasma cutting machine for your business and will assist you to figure out why plasma cutting and the resulting product are expensive.

Plasma Cutting Machine: Financial & Investment Cost Considerations

The initial cost of a plasma machine is high compared to the investment required for other cutting techniques. A traditional plasma cutting machine operated by hand costs between $1,500 to $3,500. The plasma tips and electrodes need frequent replacing, so you must keep in mind an additional expense of t $15 to $20 per set.

Next comes the cost of electricity and energy used while operating the machine. Even though the plasma machine uses energy efficiently, resulting in lower bills than the gaseous resources, the cost still needs to be included in your overall budget. If we examine the oxy-fuel cutting tool, it costs around $900, but the production rate is less than that of a plasma cutter.

There are several factors that one must take into consideration while investing in a metal fabrication tool or machine. If rapid delivery is what you value, you should invest in an efficient automated machine. It all depends on what you value as a manufacturer.

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