History of Nitto Tires

Nitto tires are well known within the performance industry for delivering top-quality off-road and street performance as well as tires fit for competition. These are tires that have made their way into almost every level of auto sports including drifting, touring, rally racing, quarter-mile drag, offloading and more.

Nitto tires were first founded in the year 1949 in Japan and although they started as a small company they were soon competed with some of the largest tire companies in the world including Goodyear, Continental and Michelin. In the mid-1990s  the company was able to really take off in the United States.

Nitto tire is often considered to be an American company for its widespread adoption across the nation of tuners. Nitto has been steadily increasing its sales and reach since the mid-2000 with its strong foothold from the 90s. One of the main reasons that Nitto has had such success in the United States is its online sales and social media campaigns. It’s easier than ever before to order Nitto tires and find out more about the performance that is available from each model. The steady growth of the company is fuelled by its online efforts and it has helped the development team produce a wide reaching number of tires that are suited to a number of auto sports.

There are two dozen tire models that are produced by this company today and they work with extensive testing procedures, listen to their customer feedback and they offer computerized tire design to suit high-performance vehicles. If you are trying to accomplish goals such as enjoying less drag, more traction or improving the speed of your vehicle, these are tires that can help you accomplish these goals and more. Nitto is backed by a Toyo quality construction and this means that this is the tire which is safe for performance as well as safety on every day roads.

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