Effortless Solutions: A Step-By-Step Guide To Unblock Your Outdoor Drain

Are you suddenly getting a foul smell? Or is the water in the kitchen sink taking too long to pass? Many people immediately call the professionals when they see a clogged drain. You can save money by giving it a go on your own.

Fixing a clogged drain is more complex than fixing a regular sink. To make this process easier, you will get a straightforward guide on how to unblock a drain outside, along with some helpful hints for maintaining clean gutters in the future.

Methods For Unclogging An Outdoor Drain

It might be as simple as removing and cleaning the grill if the obstruction is minimal, like moss blocking the filter. The grill may have broken or worn out over time.

If that is not the case, you can unclog your exterior drain by following these steps:

Examine The Issue

The moment has come to go outdoors if you can’t locate the clogged drain. You can tell there’s an issue if you see these clogged drains with dirt, leaves, and branches from nearby trees.

The typical suspects, such as grease and food debris, can clog sink discharge ports. Remove any covers or grates before inspecting your outdoor drains and reinstall them.

Opt For A Drain Rod

You can use drain rods, bigger versions of a plumber’s snake, to clear up a clogged drain lining london. Once you sense a clog, insert the drain rod into the drain and drill into it to forcefully remove it. So, after removing the clog, you can find debris, which is vital to withdraw from the outside train.

Eliminate Debris

Remove any apparent blockage by hand or snake by clearing the drain of any visible material. You need a bucket and some pliers to remove the stubborn debris. First, remove the cover from the gutter and use the pliers to pick off any apparent leaves or sticks. If the waste is too big for the pliers to handle, remove it with gloves.

Use Drain Cleaners.

When a clog persists, try using drain cleaning products. Drain uncloggers designed for outside use are likely to be more potent.

These products are incredibly harsh on the skin and eyes, so be very careful and follow the instructions carefully. You should wear protective gear, such as goggles and gloves.

Force Washer Or Hose

Lastly, to unclog a drain, use a hose. A sewage jetter is a nozzle attached to a hose that feeds water down a drain. If you use a regular pressure washer to unclog a drain, be careful not to break since this might cause an even worse problem!


Remember that unclogging an outdoor drain is much easier than it sounds if you have the correct strategy and equipment. First things first: take stock, get the necessary equipment, clear the path to the main blockage, clean up afterwards, and repeat the cleaning process twice a month. Contact your professional plumber before a clogged drain dampens your pipes.