A Guide to Sourcing a Replacement Window Company

If you are considering a major home improvement project and replacing your old timber-framed windows with custom made UPVC units, this article was written with you in mind. Replacing your windows is a big step, and certainly one that will involve a significant investment on your part, and with that in mind, here are a few tips on sourcing the best supplier.

  • Look for an Established Local Company – The window industry is extremely competitive and any firm that is still in business after 5 years must be doing something right, so look for a local window supplier with a good name in the local community. If you are looking for replacement windows in Melbourne, there is one supplier who offers a top-quality product that is professionally installed by craftsmen.

  • Federations & Associations – If you can find a window company that is affiliated with industry related federations or associations, this is an assurance of best practices and quality products. These organisations are very particular about the companies they endorse, and would thoroughly investigate any business that applies for membership, which is a great indication for the customer.

  • Design Focused – As UPVC windows are made to measure, there are many design choices, so you want a window company that will spend the time to ensure that the design is in keeping with the property. There are many opening styles, including sliding, traditional side-opening, tilt and turn and sash style horizontal opening, and there are several attractive colours with UPVC, which include a faux timber-grain finish.

  • Energy Saving Solutions – The replacement windows should have a very high insulation rating, which would result in lower energy bills, as your home stays cooler in the hot summer months and retains the warmth in the winter. We should all be looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint, and replacing your windows with custom made UPVC units is a great way to reduce your negative impact on the environment.

  • Testimonials – Another great way to find out about the service is to check out the client testimonials on their website, and should the window supplier not be able to furnish you with some referrals, this is not promising. Ideally, you should be able to visit a recently completed project and talk to the occupants about the windows and the installation team.

  • Book a Home Visit – Rather than going to the window company’s showroom, you should ask them to send a representative to your home, where you can sit down and discuss the many options. Installing new windows is a great opportunity to add a large sliding door that leads out to your terrace, and the window company would have competent builders who can widen a window frame and insert a lintel to take the weight of the sliding patio doors.

Once a design has been agreed, the representative can quote for the project, and while you do want a fair price, the cost should not be the deciding factor when looking to replace your windows, rather quality is the most important consideration.