Don’t Make These Mistakes While Buying An Engagement Ring!

Proposing your love has to be the best memory of her life, and the obvious next step is to get an engagement ring. It goes without saying that rings are expensive, and you should select something that she wouldn’t mind flaunting. In this post, we are sharing the mistakes you must definitely avoid while looking for an engagement ring in Singapore.

  • Not setting a budget. Do not step into a store without knowing your budget. From simple engagement bands that cost a few hundred dollars, to the ones that can cost as much as a million, the range is as versatile as you can imagine. Make sure that you are aware of the final price you can shell out for that engagement ring.
  • Not finding her style. Every girl has her hopes from the engagement ring, so you need to know what she may like. In case you have an idea of her style, you can make guesses, or a better idea is to ask her best friend. Most friends will be happy to assist you, so be open about it, but don’t let her know.
  • Not buying from a known store. Never buy anything expensive like an engagement ring from a store you cannot rely on. Most known jewelry stores have websites these days, so find more about their repute and collection. Also, ensure that the store has some return or buyback policy, because if you need to exchange or replace the ring, you should be able to do so.

  • Not seeing enough designs. It is also necessary to check as many designs as possible for engagement rings. Contemporary designs are not just diverse and unique, but there is something for every budget and preference. A solitaire ring is great, but you can check for other things, as well.
  • Not reviewing diamonds. If you intend to buy a diamond engagement ring, you must review and check all the relevant 4 Cs – carat, color, cut and clarity. Most people have no clue as how to evaluate diamonds, so don’t shy away from asking questions. It is also a wise idea to check if diamonds are certified and graded in a known and recognized lab.

Now that you know the basics, check online now and find more on engagement ring trends and designs. Consider her lifestyle and select something that she can actually wear and not store away in a box.