Tips For Fragrance and Scented Candle Burning

Have you ever wondered what are the best scented candles for Halloween? If you have then you must be wondering, what are the scents that I should be using? There are a few different ones that work very well. When choosing them, you will need to consider some very basic factors. Here they are.

First, you must choose the scent that you want to use. Most people choose one of their favorite scents and stick with it. However, this is not always the best approach. Instead of getting the same scent from each candle for sale, try to find a different variety or mix of two or three scents that you like. The soothing effect that scented candles have largely depended on how the mind processes scents.

The aroma from beeswax candles tends to be more dominant. This means if you place one of these candles near an area where someone is relaxing, such as a backyard or porch, then the scent will be more pronounced. Another nice thing about beeswax candles is that their scent lasts quite a while. It will smell wonderful for several hours after you burn it.

One of the scents that tend to be more overpowering, but still pleasant, are rising scents. You can get candle wax that has a hint of rose in it, or even just a dab of rose oil by itself. Several scented candles use this scent quite often, however, you should try to avoid buying them in large containers because they can become too strong. In general, it is best to stick with one or two scents that you love, rather than trying to create your mix of fragrances. That is a job for the more experienced candle maker.

When you are buying your wax in large containers, look for ones that have a wider rim so that the melt pool is not limited to a small area. This can lead to more wasted wax if the burners do not have enough room to wick into the melted wax away safely. Another option is to have a larger container than you think you will need.

Test the burners before you put the amount of wax you think you will need in that container. This way you will not be wasting the wax that is not melting and has no chance of ruining your fire. Just as with beeswax candles, you want to have a wide enough container so that the melt pool is not confined to a smaller area.

Before you buy your scented candles or add fragrances to your existing collection, test each fragrance at least once. Before you buy a fragrance, smell it. If you do not like the smell, it is wasted. You will also have wasted money if you purchase the wrong scent. It may take a few trials for you to find the perfect fragrance combination, but you will be happy when you have found it.