Protect Your Wi-Fi Network With Tech Support

Secure your wireless network from less trustworthy strangers. It is essential but can be humiliating for your friends at times if you follow an obstinate rule for that. So, let’s find tricky ways to shield your wireless network without being harsh to your near and dear ones.

It is always not the matter of malicious attack, but your neighbor with a same router model can get into your network if you have not changed the default settings of your gateway (too long). Hackers can reconfigure your router as well. The security measures involve a careful protection measure to restrict unauthorized access. You can either follow tech support guidance or the manual given with your router. Advanced routers come up with couple of encryption options.

We commonly have a notion that online technical support is given only to fix a certain issue. But the fact is, technicians are there to make your every single technical task easy, providing an easy set of instructions. The very first thing that computer support experts suggest is to change your administrator password on your router. Every router model comes up with a preconfigured setting with a standard password. Most likely all the hackers are well aware of the code and so it is quite easier for them to hop on to your network without your consent. Build up your administrative right with tech support guidance. Create a tricky password which would be hard to guess but easy to remember for you.

WPA2 encryption is one popular and secured option unless you have a very old system configuration. It is compatible with almost all computing platforms. WPA is another good security option. Whatever encryption you pick for your purpose, just remember to create a strong password. Now, of course you will have to share your password with your friends, but like many, you can hardly think of asking them to give it a limit! One simple solution is to turn off the file sharing option. Help desk support is given online to perform the task. You can selectively limit the access. In case, you want to share folders with some of your friends but not with all, you can control access over the network. Tech support guidance can help you perform such tricky tasks to make your networking efficiently secured.

Online technical support experts help users to stop broadcasting the SSID of their network as well. SSID is the acronym of Service Set Identifier, which is the name of your network. It makes easier for users to find the network and connect to them. You can turn off SSID broadcasting by altering your router settings. Tech support professionals always advise users to turn off their network-gateway when they are not using it. This simple precaution can help you to keep your network safe from intruders and other malicious attacks.

You can never be completely safe, no matter how strong safety measures you are following. It is a bitter fact that you can never pass by. So, remember to stay updated about the advanced threats and take precautionary measures accordingly.