Mistakes to avoid when choosing a dedicated server

Just like people make mistakes when doing many things, they also make mistakes when they are choosing dedicated server. However, unlike other mistakes that often don’t have such great ramifications, choosing the wrong dedicated server could decide whether your business succeeds or ends up in the ground. As such, you may want to be careful with how you make this decision. In this article, I have highlighted some of the major mistakes that people make when they buy dedicated servers. Read them carefully and do further research so that you don’t end up making the same mistakes.

Before we delve into the mistakes you are likely to make when picking a server, let us first define what dedicated servers are. In the simplest terms, these are servers that only have one hosted website so that all their resources are dedicated to the web pages they help serve to people who access the website.

People focus too much on the price

By the time you start thinking of a dedicated server, it means that you website has achieved a certain milestone in terms of traffic. If that is not the case, then it means that you need more security for your website and shared hosting isn’t cutting it for you anymore. At this point, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to base your choice of a dedicated server only on price. I am not saying that price is not important, but you need to understand that there are certain factors that are equally if not more important in certain situations.

You will make more money from your website depending on how efficiently it handles huge traffic. The trajectory of your site’s traffic can only be maintained if you consider dedicated hosting for your website. Even though dedicated hosting is usually expensive in comparison to other hosting options, the downsides of such options make it not worthwhile.

Statistically, 53% of mobile users will abandon a website if it takes more than three minutes to load on average. That means that you will be losing traffic every time your website takes longer than it should to load. In a case like this, you should invest more into web hosting even if it costs more than you had budgeted for.

Don’t underestimate security

Security is a very important aspect of web hosting today. Even the slightest breach in security can destroy the reputation of your company and lose you thousands of customers and the millions of dollars in revenue they take with them. There are several companies today that have remained mere skeletons of their former selves because of a data breach that happened on their servers. Customers don’t feel at a company that can’t do everything in its power to protect their data. As such, security is a number one priority.

Not assessing the location

Most people don’t care where the dedicated server and data center they are renting is located and that often ends up hurting their businesses. Location directly impacts bandwidth of your website and that can lead to poor customer experiences on your site leading to higher bounce rates and lost revenue. Check out Australian dedicated servers for high-speed dedicated servers.