Does CBD Work for Anxiety?

Several research pieces have been done in search of the benefits and effects of CBD oil when it comes to anxiety. Read more here to learn about the many benefits that come with CBD.

In this article, we will concentrate on the benefits of CBD for anxiety. Let’s learn more.

CBD for General Anxiety

As mentioned earlier, there have been several studies on the hunt for the benefits of CBD and how it can help to manage different conditions. The NIDA in a study reported that CBD was found to reduce anxiety in a group of rats. In the study, the animals showed lowered signs of stress and anxiety and also had a reduced heart rate that came with having anxiety.

CBD for Different Forms of Anxiety

Other than treating anxiety in animals, CBD benefits are shown to be immense in people who had conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder and social anxiety disorder. Additionally, there are reports of it helping individuals who show symptoms of anxiety as a result of insomnia.

For individuals with insomnia, CBD has shown that it can help treat symptoms of PTSD, as reported by different studies.

CBD for Different Neurological Disorders

As researchers scramble to determine the different effects of CBD and how it can be used to manage different conditions, a lot has also been said about the treatment of various neurological disorders.

In a literature review dated 2017, it was found that there wasn’t conclusive evidence that CBD can be used as an effective treatment for a disorder such as depression. However, it is within this same study that researchers found evidence of CBD managing anxiety disorders.

It is important to note that the studies were not controlled, and there wasn’t a control group that should have received a placebo or different treatment. In the end, it was noted that there weren’t enough human tests to understand better CBD’s workings and how to regulate its dosage to potential participants.

However, a prior study in 2016 by the Trusted Source found out that there was an absence of the adverse side effects that come with the usage of antipsychotic drugs for participants who used CBD.

How to Find the Correct Dosage for CBD

If you want to use CBD for your anxiety, it’s essential that you let your healthcare practitioner know. They will help you determine what amount of CBD to use and how the frequency of usage.

You must buy CBD from trusted sellers because some CBD products may not contain enough CBD for you to experience similar therapeutic effects, as seen in clinical research trials.


Before you purchase any CBD products, you have to be aware of CBD’s side effects and how they can affect your day-to-day activities. Watch out for fatigue, diarrhea, increase or decrease in your appetite or changes in your weight.

Additionally, if you were taking any other medications before CBD, you should ask your doctor about the side-effects of stopping as you may experience effects of withdrawal from your medication.