AI In Mining- Mineral Exploration, Autonomous Drills And More

In the mining industry, there have been a number of different innovations occurring quite regularly over the past 5 years. The industry experienced a major slump in the year 2015 and since then there have been many companies that are adopting radical solutions to maintain efficiency and to give themselves an edge in the industry. AI-driven systems are making their way into running equipment, managing logistics throughout the mine site and maximizing efficiency in the ordering and market capabilities of mining as well.

New AI mining capabilities are being tested and regularly applied and there’s a series of AI use cases and studies that are being managed through almost every level of the mining industry. Here are some of the latest applications and AI mining:

Exploration of Minerals

 Automated mineral exploration in applying machines to the task of mineral prospecting. This is a fairly new concept but it is delivering excellent results. Using AI to improve mineral exploration is making it easier to find items like gold deposits and other precious minerals through machine learning.

 Better Mining Operations With Analytics

 Smart sensors throughout a mining site are also massively improving the way that a  job site improves efficiency.  Basic advancements in robotics and smart sensors are improving the overall performance of a mining site and the efficiency of every operator.

Automated Equipment

Improvements with sensor technology are working to maximize the efficiency of automated equipment. New AI learning models are also making the process of running the equipment more efficient and easy for the future. Automated equipment is a quality solution for reducing operator error and keeping mines running more effectively.

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This post was written by Justin Tidd, Director at Becker/SMC. For nearly a half a century, Becker Mining has been at the forefront of safety, producing the best electrical control system in the industry. Becker/SMC is the industry’s leader in increasingly more sophisticated electrical control systems. Most of the major innovations, design features and specialized electrical components have been developed by Becker/SMC.