Women’s long sleeved shirts- gives you comfort and lithe. 

You must pick a shirt that gives you the best look, and you also feel comfortable. Whatever you wear must add sprinkles to elegance and style to your persona.  Womens long sleeved shirts are staples to upgrade your wardrobe. Combining silhouettes of your attire is an admirable way to highlight a specific part of your body. Donning long sleeve shirt instead of short ones accentuate your slender legs and waist. If you want to emphasize your waist wear a belt; if your legs, wear a high heel toning with the color of your pant to extend them.

Soft and comfortable

The long sleeve shirts come with a body-hugging, next to skin fit. The four-way stretch formation gives you agility, freedom of movement. The moisture-absorbent material gives you comfort, with a soft interior and luxuriant, sleek appearance. Anti-odor technology of the fiber prevents the growth of stench causing bacteria. The slim fit, well crafted long sleeved shirts give you a smart, modish, stylish look. A light fabric color long sleeved duo with tight shorts gives a sporty, elegant look. You can wear long sleeve shirts in summer also, as it protects your fair skin from scorching sunlight.

A long sleeve shirt is an attractive choice, as it highlights your body contour, arms keeps you comfortable and cozy. It is not useful in chilly winter but functional in sultry summer, rainy days, or early morning jogging. Wear a hundred percent cotton long-sleeved in summer as the fabric is moisture absorbent and breathable. Sleeves are a fashion statement, which evolved in pattern and style over centuries. In the domain of fashion, they have been reintroduced, revisited, and reinvented more once than more. Long sleeved are not out of fashion, accordance to the season; they are elegant and stylish as long as you wear them appropriately.


Pair solid color long sleeves with bright floral prints to bet a head-turning look. Put a vest or jacket over a printed long sleeved shirt, button up the sleeves for a refined look. Contrasting colors give a cosmopolitan, sleek appearance. The shirt must be well-tailored, fit you seamlessly, particularly when button up. If you feel awkward about your chest, wear a shirt slightly bigger than the slim fit one. Put on a belt to prevent uncomfortable pulling. Long-sleeved t-shirts are perfect accessories for gym enthusiasts. The enriched cotton fiber gives you softness and comfort during your workouts.