Why Should You Get A Big Data Analytics Certification?

Last year, Glassdoor ranked ‘Data Scientist’ as the ‘best job in the world’. Harvard University called it the most attractive job of the century. Intrigued? Let’s break it down.

What is Big data science?

Big data science deals with breaking down and processing extremely large amounts of data, which cannot be processed through traditional data-processing applications. It is a field which never stops growing because there is no end to data generation! So it’s important that you stay updated by signing up for online courses on data analytics like the Udacity courses offered!

Companies use big data science to improve operations, connectivity, customer satisfaction and for digital marketing activities. Companies are on the lookout for data scientists and you can use this opportunity to land a great job in data science.

Why should you do a big data analytics course online?

  • Huge demand for big data professionals:

Data never sleeps. In fact you generate data when you sleep. Top organizations such as Google, Facebook and Amazon need more and more data scientists to analyse and store all the data they generate every minute. So, there will never be a shortage of demand for data scientists. It’s a good time to consider a career in data science. A big data science course with no-cost EMI options, can help you learn all the skills you need before you apply for a job in this field. Having a big data analytics certification can help your resume stand out from the competition.

  • High salaries and skill development:

According to Glassdoor, an average entry level big data scientist in India earns Rs 10,486,42. In the USA, the number stands at $113,436. A Big data analytics certification will propel you into even higher paying positions in data science. Some data scientists earn up to $146,000! A Big data science course online available on no-cost EMI will help you get to the top!

  • Big data is a versatile field:

Big data is used across all fields from e-commerce to technology to pharma to even scientific research. You can be a scientist and still get a Big data analytics certification to help you understand scientific data better. It’s wide variety of applications make it necessary for people across industries to get a grasp on data. Data is everywhere and you need to keep up! A big data analytics course will help you tremendously. You can easily pay for these courses even without a credit card in India!

  • Job prerequisite:

Many companies expect you to have a basic understanding of big data science before you enter the job market. A big data analytics certification will put you above your peers and give you a competitive edge. The best part is that the course is online and you can do it anytime, anywhere at any pace, on a no-cost EMI!

There are several big data science courses online. And the top courses are expensive because you also deserve to learn from the best. But that should not deter you from getting a big data analytics certification. A no-cost EMI option by ZestMoney allows you to sign up for a big data science course on Udacity and pay for it later in installments! Just sign up on ZestMoney, upload your KYC details and wait for Zest to assign you a credit limit. Once done, use that credit to pay for your big data analytics certification on Udacity. Study with interest, interest-free and watch your career prosper!