Why Printed Business Cards Still Matters?

Everything we do in business these days is completely digital. From sending emails to attending meetings and signing contracts, everything has been completely replaced with digital means. A print business card is something that cannot be fully replaced with any digital substitute anytime soon.  Here are the top reasons why business cards are still important and why you should always keep them in your pocket all the time.

Digital Contact Information Is Highly Impersonal: digital networking is all about making new yet genuine connections. Though it is easy to send someone contact information through email or text on the spot, but it is also very impersonal. The relationship that you build through eye contact and personal conversation is much stronger than the digital bond.

Business Cards Are Direct Marketing Tools: Print business cards are highly effective. Though email marketing, paid media and SEO all are doing a great job by attracting leads and prospects. But when you compare in-person meetings where you introduce your company as well as yourself with a handshake along with a business card exchange, nothing can match that relationship.

With printed cards, you can encounter a potential lead at any time in tradeshows, industry conferences, and airport lounges. That’s why you should arm yourself with business cards at all times as it will make sure that you never miss the opportunity to make a valuable business connection.

Make A First Good Impression Of Your Brand: When you meet someone, you always want him or her to walk away with a great first impression. If someone approaches you with a business inquiry, you can hand over a business card to him/her as it does a lot more than just passing on an email address or phone number.

Whenever someone makes a connection through a business card, they don’t want their brand to be associated with the word cheap. For an excellent impression, you can use metal business cards with business details printed or engraved on them. They act as a great icebreaker. A unique business card will in fact fuel the conversation even further.

Creative Business Cards Get Shared Which Further Continues To Market For You: A business card is a physical object which means that your brand will stay with your prospects. If you meet your prospect and exchange contact details, each one of you walks away with another contact on your mobile phone. And it ends there. If you hand over a creative business card to people that makes a great impression of your brand and the person is likely to show it to other people as well, putting you and your brand in front of additional prospects.

Business Cards Illustrate That You Are Prepared: Handing over a business card to someone is the most professional approach. The best way to elaborate it is – think about a situation where you meet with two individuals. Out of two, one scrambles to find a pen and something to write on. On the other hand, the second person simply pulls out a business card and give it to you. With whom would you want to do business? When you are prepared at all times, this shows that you are a great professional.