What Are Tornado Shelters?

A tornado will not come announced. It is always better to be safe instead of dealing with the damage later. People may not be aware of the tornado history in the area they are living in.

There are two main ways in which people can stay safe during a high-intensity tornado. They are Safe rooms and home tornado shelters.

These storm or tornado shelters will be available both underground and above the ground as well.

A safe room is a room that can be used to protect family members from a home invasion. This will double the safety when encountered with a tornado.

Main Benefits of a tornado shelter

Every state in America will have a risk of tornados, hurricanes, and heavy winds. In order to get saved from this, everyone needs a safe place.

The main benefits that can be achieved with home tornado shelters are as below

  •     Safety

The main benefit that can be expected from a tornado shelter is the safety it provides during tornado time.

  •     Easily Accessible

When the storm is coming, if people already have a safe place to hide, there is no need of searching for places that are safe.

  •     Protection for valuables

During a storm or tornado, all the valuables that people own will be destroyed. But if those things are stored in a safe place, it is possible to save them even the home is completely destroyed.

  •     Emergency provision storage

The things that are stored in the home tornado shelters should be all necessities like extra food, clothes, first aid items, and any important documents that might be necessary for getting back on life once the storm subsides.

Things to consider when choosing the best storm shelter

As mentioned earlier, storm shelters are a safe place when there are high winds and in order to get the best result, it is better to select the best option from the main two types of materials available.

Shelters mainly come in two material types namely concrete and steel. Before selecting the best material for the shelter, it is advisable to understand the below-mentioned things.

  1.   Looking for simple construction or cheap materials

Even though concrete is cheaper when compared to steel, concrete will have a risk of moisture making it degrade. The other option available is steel which is a simple constriction and there will not be any moisture in this type.

  1.   Above Ground or Underground

Selecting concrete and steel will also depend on the location where people want their safe home or tornado shelter to present. More people opt for underground concrete tornado shelters as that is known all over the world.

  1.   Indoor or Outdoor

Concrete home tornado shelters are outside shelters whereas steel shelters can be constructed both insides as well as outside.


Tornadoes can create over 50-mile-long damage. When people have the right resources and materials it is possible to build a shelter on their own. Shelters will cost from 3000$ to 25000$ depending on the size and material that is used.