A divorce attorney is a lawyer that is skilled in dealing with divorce cases. As we all know, divorces can be very messy. When couples want to divorce, strong emotional feelings drive them. A divorce process is not something you wake up and do within a matter of time. It requires proper processing, a lot of legal paperwork alongside a substantial amount of patience.

A divorce lawyer’s roles differ with the type of divorce because a divorce can either be contested or uncontested. All in all, there are some leading roles that any divorce attorneys fort worth plays.

Legal processing

Many factors bind a couple together, such as civil law certification, church certification, or even children. For them to get a divorce, they require proper processing. Both couples are required to sign the divorce papers.

For an uncontested divorce, the lawyer inspects the divorce signing and represents the client in a court hearing. In contested cases, however, it takes more than that. The lawyer will ensure that his/ her client gets a fair settlement after the marriage’s dissolution.

Child custody resolving

In cases where children are involved, the lawyer deals with child custody resolving problems. We have instances where both couples contend with getting custody of the kids, and in such cases, the lawyer will represent his/ her client in court and convince the judge why their client needs to have the custody.

In cases where the couple is ready to co-parent or where one partner is okay with the other staying with the kids, the lawyers from both ends oversee the agreement plan that will work for both of them and protect the kids’ welfare.

Initiating terms of the settlement

A divorce comes with the dissolution of bonds that once bound the couple like property management. Divorce cases get messy when it comes to settlement in terms of the property co-owned by the couple.

A divorce attorney investigates and verifies all the paperwork following the prenuptial or postnuptial agreement between them, to represent their client in a family court, to help them get their fair share of the property.

Where the couple is ready to agree out of court, both lawyers try to come up with a fair settlement plan.

Providing legal advice on matters divorce

Different governments have established rules on divorce cases. A divorce case can be on fault grounds like unfaithfulness, violence, etc., or no-fault grounds.

For instance,  divorce attorneys advise their client on whether to petition the case on fault grounds or not and if it will affect their client in terms of spousal support.

They counsel their clients on what will work best; getting a divorce or annulling or voiding the marriage.


Divorce lawyers are skilled in handling different matters on divorce.  From resolving settlement issues and custody to resolving financial issues between a couple, we can never underestimate the power of a divorce attorney.