Wedding Day Skin Care Tips

If your wedding is around the corner, you probably want to look your best which is why the right skincare regime is crucial. As soon as you narrow down the date for your wedding, you need to start special skincare treatments to intensify that glow and look as stunning as ever. Instead of opting in for regular facials that could take up a lot of your time, you may want to consider investing in a micro derma roller that is way more effective than a facial and something you can use in the privacy of your home, whenever time permits you.

You should also invest in good skincare products since this will help nourish and revitalize your skin and gear you up, not only for your wedding day but all the functions around it as well. You don’t need to invest in multiple products, just a handful of good quality products. Ferulic acid serum and pure squalane oil are definite products to buy because of its multiple benefits. It helps repair, revive, revitalize and nourish your skin, all in one go. Considering all the running around you have to do prior to the wedding day, this will help you a great deal. Now that you are set for the days leading up to your wedding, here are a few tips for the actual wedding day.

Cleansing Is Key

While some brides choose to hire a professional makeup artist, others decide to do their makeup on their own. Either ways, you should always prepare yourself for a hectic day and a lot of makeup. Begin your day by cleansing your skin and giving it time to breathe. Make sure to scrub and get rid of all the dirt as exfoliating your skin is necessary to bring out the natural glow. Once you have cleaned your skin, apply a generous amount of serum and let it seep through your skin and neck. Let this sit for a couple of minutes before you move on to the next step.

Moisturize Before Makeup Begins

Before you apply layers of makeup, you need to make sure your skin is well hydrated and nourished, which is why you should moisturize it. Apply a lightweight non greasy moisturizer that doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin. Once you’ve applied the moisturizer, you can then move on to applying your makeup.

Decide Your Look In Advance

Wedding jitters can get the better of you. If you’ve decided to do your makeup on your own, it is highly recommended you plan the look in advance. This means going through the entire process, right from cleansing to adding the finishing touches, at least two to three times before your actual wedding day. This will help you get more confident about the entire process and you will be less likely to make any mistakes. You can also ask your maid of honor or your best friend to be present during the rehearsal runs so she can step up in case you are too nervous or your hands are too shaky on your wedding day.