Wearing Sustainable Shoes Doesn’t Mean Compromising Style. We Tell You Why?

Whether it is a wooden brush or sustainable shoes, everyone is on the move to save the environment. While many people know what sustainable shoes are, there still some who do not understand this phenomenon of going green. This process of shifting to sustainable shoes can be overwhelming but fun. Below is a guide to what one might look forward to when buying a new pair of sustainable shoes.

What does “sustainable fashion” mean?

Can one save the environment just by bringing some changes to their closet? Well, it is favorable in this case as following a more sustainable approach in fashion means not harming the environment. There are a lot of approaches made nowadays by the fashion industry in which clothes and shoes are being made from recycled and renewable materials.

Sustainable shoes

If an individual is conscious about the environment and thinks about how it is being misused day by day, there are a thousand approaches they can follow to save it. Shifting to wooden hairbrushes and sustainable shoes might not seem like the best options but they are a step closer to saving the environment so why miss on it?

What to look out for in sustainable shoes?

The first thing to focus on is the material of the shoes. Whether it is something renewable or can that material be recycled? One might want to search for shoes made out of wool, plant matter, or PET plastic. The best part here is that this is not only applied to clothes or shoes, in many places one can find sustainable slippers too. If an individual is conscious and wants to look out for more factors than they can check out some brands too that are solely focused on sustainable fashion. These brands not only focus on the materials that are being used but also have animal and planet welfare in mind when starting the process of creating something new for their customers.

Which brands offer these shoes

There are many brands that offer sustainable shoes, one such brand is “Baabuk”.  This brand has gone out of the box as they produce wool shoes and slippers of high quality. The fibers of the wool that is used in making these shoes are covered with natural wax which makes the shoes water repellent. The material used to make these shoes does not shrink after a wash which means they will go on for a long time. The shoes and slippers styles are unisex. These types of shoes can be worn outdoors, indoors, for travelling, etc.

To buy or not to buy?

An individual would often think twice before following this approach and a number of questions are bound to come across their mind, will these shoes look good? Are the shoes versatile? Can they be worn under any outfit? Is investing in these shoes a good choice? If one has made up their mind of shopping for sustainable fashion then there’s no looking back. At this point, everyone should look forward to such fashion shifts without giving it a second thought. Investing in such fashion choices might make a great difference after some time. Footwear is the most staple item in our wardrobe, it is something that everyone needs and can’t live without. So why not make a better and sustainable choice and invest in footwear that is not only helping the human race but the environment too.

Why should one invest in them?

The demand for fast fashion is growing continuously at a very serious speed. The amount of carbon produced through such products is deteriorating the environment even more by giving a lesser time for recovery. By choosing sustainable shoes an individual is doing a favor to their future generation. The companies or brands who offer sustainable shoes are focusing on versatility so that the demand of such products may be higher and people choose them over the others. Not only are these shoes cheap but they also use minimal resources. This is why the best investment anyone could make now is by buying sustainable clothing for themselves.


By choosing a more sustainable approach one might not necessarily compromise with style, in fact, they will bring a better change to their lives and the lives of others.