Ways to Get Free PSN Codes

Sony’s PlayStation may be a hot commodity amongst gamers, but there is a higher demand for its PSN codes. PSN code or PlayStation network code is the virtual currency designed by Sony and is used to make in-game purchases.

These in-game purchases might keep building up, which eventually might become a considerable expense. It is for this reason that the internet is full of free ps4 codes.

How to get access to free codes:

Code Generator

There are hundreds if not thousands of PSN code generators online. Not all of them are reliable, so you should only check sites that are recommended by others.

Earn Gift Cards

The internet is full of websites that pay in the form of virtual money for trivial tasks like completing a survey, watching videos, or downloading specific apps. If you do have time in your hand, this is a pretty easy way to earn money and then trade it for PSN codes.

Gift Card Generator

Just like generating the codes, some sites generate gift cards. You need to select a value, search for the gift cards (the website does this for you by going through unused cards in its database), and then follow some instructions to win one.


Gamer-related giveaways are pretty standard.  They usually differ from each other, and each giveaway has its own unique rules. You might need to like, comment, share, subscribe or answer a question. It would be best if you kept an eye out for these through YouTube, Instagram and even Reddit. It would help if you kept an eye out for these sites during holidays and other well-known sales days for a better chance at finding a giveaway.

Gift Cards

If you have gift cards lying from places that you don’t go to, then you could exchange them online. There are many platforms online for either exchanging them or even selling them.


Some people have PSN codes but don’t want them. On sites like Reddit, etc. you can find that they are willing to barter it in exchange for a different commodity, product or service.

No matter the route you choose, you should always remember that although they claim to be legit, there are only some places where you can find free psn card codes that work. It would be best if you were cautious while looking for them, and should only trust reliable sources.