Want to Cosplay in Japan: Make Sure to Know what to Expect

A lot of people go to Japan for various reasons. With big events such as anime conventions that draw crowds of cosplayers each year, going to Japan is something that people from across the globe look forward to. However, a lot of international cosplayers and cosplay enthusiasts might not realize that cosplay culture in Japan can be different from those in other countries.

Keep reading to know what to expect if you are planning to cosplay in Japan:

Expect to Pay Some Money

Wherever you want to cosplay, you will have to pay some money. Whether or not the event is free or requires a ticket, you will need money to use the changing area and cloakroom for storing your luggage. Sometimes, you cannot pay the cosplay fees at the event. In some events, cosplayers should pre-order a cosplay ticket because the venue does not sell them. Ensure to check the guidelines of the event beforehand.

Pack your Costume and Change at the Event

In Japan, wearing your costume in public transportation can be perceived as being inconsiderate of the people around you. That is why you might want to change at the event. Just ensure to check the guidelines and bring related items you will need such as makeup, mirror, safety pins, and others. Also, be prepared to wait in lines at the changing room.

Enjoy the Event

The majority of anime events in Japan have a special area dedicated to cosplayers. You can freely wander around the entire event; however, you might not be able to have many photos taken. Also, you may find the crowds hard to move through in your cosplay. When cosplaying in Japan, look for a great place to stand along the edge or against a wall, strike a pose, and wait for the photographer to line up. Get there early to find a good spot.

Before, the majority of Japanese cosplayers brought their own business cards called meishi and photographers also had them. This kind of arrangement still works today. If you want to take photos, make sure to ask permission. In terms of videos, you must check the event’s guidelines first.

Cosplaying in Japan can be a bit troublesome when compared with other countries. However, do not let this stop you from living your cosplay dreams. Make sure to know what to expect from a cosplay event in Japan and let your cosplay experience go smoothly.