Underground Cellar – 3 Tips For Knowing Good Wine

Wine is important for several reasons. Although most people drink wine for hedonistic pleasure, wine contains nutritional components that have important health benefits such as the prevention of cancer and heart diseases.

However, to enjoy these hidden benefits, the wine has to be of good quality. People often think that the quality of a wine depends on the age or how expensive it is. This is a wrong notion because the qualities that make a good wine are enhanced by the ingredients and how the wine is brewed.

The prevalence of several wine stores like Tooth And Nail Wine and Underground Cellar has made it easy. They are famous for supplying high-quality wines. However, regular wine drinkers need to be able to recognize the qualities of good wine.

Back Label

The first tip to know if you’re about to purchase good wine lies not in the appearance or front label. The back label of a wine bottle contains big clues such as the type of ingredients used, the location where the wine was made, manufacturers, and the production process.

Furthermore, the back label may also contain past awards and accolades that testify to the wine’s quality.

 Balance Between Smell and Taste and Color

All good-quality wines are put in barrels and aerated, furthermore, you should be able to perceive the fragrance of the fruits and flowers that are used in the production of the wine. Should you perceive a woody smell or taste, it means that the barrel was not aerated, resulting in the wood’s interference in the wine’s smell and taste.

In general, a good wine should be equally balanced in terms of its smell, taste, and color. If one of these elements overpowers the other, it is probably the result of an abnormality and could signal a sub-par wine. In addition, the overall smell and taste of wine could also be an indication of the quality of the wine’s ingredients.


The last, but certainly not the least of the tips is the attention to detail and effort that is put into the bottle and overall packaging of the wine. A good/high-quality wine often has elegant and/or durable packaging.