Types of Atomizer Tanks Available in the Market

A Vape Atomizer.

There are three main types of e-cigarettes on the market, Vega Pens, Minis, and Advanced Personal Atomizers or Mods. They each contain a vape atomizer tank that holds the important elements of the smoking experience, the vaping juices, and the coil to heat the vaping juices. The nicotine will not be inhaled until it is heated.

An atomizer, sometimes called a vaper coil or wicks requires a cartridge or drip tip and lasts between 2 and 4 weeks. It is one of the constant expenses of e-cigarettes. If the heat of the coil is incorrect for the type of smoking, freebase, or nicotine salt, the coil might get residue stuck on it, destroying the coil, so adjustment for using the correct energy is important to the tank used. Some tanks may have variable energy to adjust for that. Otherwise, the smoker is stuck with one type of heat and smoking, freebase or nicotine salts.

The Difference between Nicotine Salts and Freebase

Nicotine salts are fast becoming the preference. Nicotine salts allow the user to inhale a greater amount of nicotine at once, allowing the smoker to need to vape less often as the nicotine hit lasts longer. Also, nicotine salts require a lower temperature than freebase.

With freebase, the strength of the hit is greater without an increase in the dosage. It gives the smoker a greater throat hit, which some smokers want.

Three Pieces of E-Cigarettes

For all three styles of e-cigarettes, each consists of three pieces; a mouthpiece, a vape atomizer tank, and a battery. The air and e juice are mixed and heated in the mouthpiece to give the vapor. The battery gives the power in the coil to produce the heat needed to vaporize the air and e juices.

The atomizer contains a tank that holds a coil and space for vaping juices. It is the heart of the e-cigarette. In the base of the vape atomizer tank, an air adjustment lever sometimes increases or decreases the airflow to enhance the smoker’s experience, a larger hole for more air, a smaller hole to confine it. This may be an important element for a good vape atomizer tank.

Some Ovale USA atomizers have connectors of titanium or Nickle, with Nickle having a higher temperature range and will be gold plated for improved resistance. A good tank will not continue to vape when the e juices are gone, thus saving the life of the tank. The ohms are as stated; if 2 or 4, then they will be 2 or 4.

Some tanks use cotton in the e juice section to make them organic. Components bought separately, fit together by brand.

The mouthpiece is where the vape juices combine with air and heat to vaporize the e juices, making them available for the inhaling experience. More air gives a stronger throat hit, the reason for the lever for air regulation. Mouthpieces may be organic, or metal and usually are thermally insulated.

An Improvement in Atomizers

There are small enhancements to some tanks. One of the best adjusts the airflow, the larger the air entry hole, the greater the flow. A lever on the base adjusts this. And there are energy strength adjustments to vary for freebase or nicotine salts. Nicotine salts require a lower temperature to vaporize the vape juices so they may be inhaled.

If it is working correctly and efficiently, the air will flow into the mouthpiece, never touching the juice. There should be no way the air ever touches the liquid, another essential part of a good tank.

Puffs activate the e-cigarette; therefore, the smoker controls the e-cigarette. The smoker with every puff controls vapor production and the throat hit. The e-cigarette makes vapor clouds, not smoke.

Buy the Best

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The Ovale USA atomizers are made to last as long as possible, made to be repaired by smokers either in parts or merely taking apart. The e-cigarette field is growing every day. Smoking is going to stay.