Top 2 Technological Aids for Your Business

As you look for ways to improve your business, you hear about a lot of technological developments, but you’re never sure if they’re worth the cost. Here’s what you need to know about two of the most promising solutions for businesses.

1. Softphones

Any phone that is based in the Internet rather than a landline is a softphone. Softphones are sometimes traditional handheld phones, but they also work as apps on your cell phone or laptop. To purchase a softphone, you must pay a provider for access to cloud-based phone services. Then, you install the company’s app on as many of your devices as you want to use for your business. For example, you could install an app on your desktop for when you’re in the office and on your cell phone for when you’re working remotely.

Is a softphone right for your business? That depends on how often you make calls, how many employees you have, and how frequently you work from home. However, regardless of your situation, investing in softphones comes with many benefits:

  • Save money on your phone bill
  • Reduce missed calls with access on any device
  • Install quickly without missing important conversations

Additionally, most softphones come with or can be added to existing¬†unified communications as¬†service programs. Whether you already have UCaaS or you’re new to the world of Internet communications, softphones are critical additions to your messaging systems.

2. Apps

If you use a technological solution such as a softphone or have an email account, chances are an app exists to make your life easier. Most apps are free with the purchase of the host company’s platforms or are just a few dollars. Once you’ve installed these apps, you use your phone to check programs without powering up your work computer.

The following are apps that you should install immediately:

Most apps look similar to their parent websites, but they are usually simpler and are more friendly to touchscreens.

When you dive into the world of apps, you need to watch out for a few money-wasters. First, always ensure that you’re paying for the right service. If the app’s logo doesn’t match the one you see on your desktop or your log-in information doesn’t work, you’re not using the right app. Also, some apps take up a lot of data. Unless you have an unlimited plan, turn off your cellular data or only use these services on Wi-Fi.

Additionally, consider having a computer scientist design an app for your company. This is a great way to simplify your customers’ ordering experiences, especially since so many people shop on their phones. It also increases your accessibility, allows you to better connect with your market, and promotes brand recognition.

Keeping up with developments in the business world is hard because technology upgrades so quickly. While you don’t need to follow every change, consider investing in softphones and apps to streamline your offerings and increase your business’s mobility.