The benefits of having a primary care doctor

Who is your first point of contact when you fall ill? Well, if you don’t have a primary care doctor for your family, then you must think twice about it. Moreover, if you are under insurance cover or any other medical cover, a primary doctor shouldn’t be something costly. After all, health is the greatest investment that we can always do for our bodies because, without proper health, we can’t even make money. Research also shows that people who have primary care doctors like Treasure Valley Family Medicine’s healthcare have favorable health outcomes, which include but not limited to fewer deaths from heart disease, cancer, or even stroke.

The benefits of having a primary care doctor include the following:

  • Saves time and money

The more familiar a doctor is with a patient’s medical history is, the more quickly and effectively, he will respond to a situation and issue the best course of treatment. It saves patients time wasted on irrelevant laboratory tests, something that can escalate the situation real quick. Moreover, many preventive cares are covered by health insurance, and that shouldn’t be much expensive.

  • Consultancy at a personal level

Most primary care doctors manage chronic conditions, but that doesn’t mean they can’t offer or don’t know other doctors who provide specialized care or treatment. At some point in your life, you’ll obviously need a personalized treatment for yourself, wife, or even children. A primary care doctor will refer you to someone he believes and who will attend to you in the best way possible.

  • Trusted health advisor

A primary care doctor is not only there to treat you when you fall ill, but also advise you accordingly depending on your health status. For instance, if you eat unhealthily and develop extra weight that can jeopardize your heart health, a primary care doctor will advise and remind you to stick to a strict workout routine. Other advice may include routine information on the mental state of a patient. Your doctor will also speak in your capacity if you are overwhelmed with illness.

  • Prevention

Doctors are trained to spot and diagnose an impending health problem before it actually takes the better part of you. Conditions such as diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, and obesity are preventable or somewhat manageable when discovered at an early stage. Moreover, if the risk is that much high, a primary care doctor can recommend lifestyle changes that will actually see you prolong your life, even when living with the conditions.

  • Comprehensive medical care for the whole family

Having a primary care doctor at a family level can help give comprehensive medical care for the whole family, which includes treatment of a variety of illnesses and conditions, doing health screenings, wellness, and preventive healthcare. Moreover, the relationship that develops between a primary care doctor and the whole family members over time will become valuable over time, primarily if the doctors treat the children right from infancy. When a family members show up to the clinic, the doctor already knows their health history, and there will be no redundant explanation.

Issues pertaining to human health can be very complicated; more than we tend to think. Having a personal care doctor can shield you from a lot of preventable health conditions. Make a wise decision today, and you’ll not regret even a single bit about it.