Reasons to use Boltless Shelving Systems in Storage Rooms

Companies are in constant need of storage spaces. It is expensive to rent another room to store items. Each industry requires unique solutions to address its storage challenges.

Shelving solutions in the modern era are focusing on durable solutions that are tailor-made according to a customer’s need. Boltless rack shelving Malaysia services cut across industrial and retail storage solutions. It is easy to install and use anywhere. The system is attachable without using bolts or nuts. Many storage facilities can make use of the versatile solution from Eonmetall Group Berhad.

Designing the Boltless System

Installing the boltless storage is easy for untrained personnel. Knowing the style of storage system to use is the hardest part of coming up with a solution. Expert advice is essential in coming up with the best storage plan. Boltless racks and shelves are made strong to suit different work environments.

Advantages of using the Boltless Shelving System

Is built according to the Warehouse needs

They are the best systems to customize to fit the need of a room. The development process includes taking measurements of the vertical spaces and the number of levels. Managers can choose between adjustable and non-adjustable shelves. The unit’s structure is customized to different heights to accommodate items of varying sizes.

Simple Installation Procedures

Installing the boltless racks and shelves will only need a rubber mallet. The system has the flexibility of incorporating specific setup styles to fit the available space.


The sides and middle support make use of strong 14-gauge metal beams. It makes the storage system to withstand the weight of the load. The shelving units have additional support to increase the stability of the rack.

It is affordable

Boltless shelving systems are an investment for the long term. The metal beams occupy lees space and storage facilities can place the racks next to each other. It will save on future costs of expanding the warehouse or finding another location for storing items.

It sells the product

Most of the warehouse storage systems are closed. Products on display are not visible to clients. Boltless racks and shelves are open on the back and sides. Clients are can see the products on the shelves without moving the items.

Improves the Workflow

Having a well-organized storage facility increases efficiency and productivity. Locating of merchandise is easy and it saves time for finding items.

Efficient and Customizable Solution to Storage needs

Storage facilities are a long-term project to companies. The numerous advantages of the boltless shelving system guarantees customer satisfaction. When the racks are joined together, there are minimal risks to injuries or accidents. Make use of expert services throughout the whole process if there is a need to.