Questions to Ask From the Used Motorcycle Dealer

If you plan to buy a bike from the Harley Davidson for sale then you should have some questions prepared that will give the new owner all the necessary answers to prepare him for his first ride. When buying motorcycles from any brand, there are questions to ask from the used motorcycle dealer. There are many different questions to ask from the dealer and they are all designed to help the new owner understand the bike, what he needs it for and how far he is willing to go. When you ask the questions from the dealer all they can say is no and you need to find out yourself or by asking questions that will get you the answers you need.

What questions you should ask from the dealer?

  • The first question to ask from the dealer is about the history of the motorcycle. Find out if the dealer knows about the previous owner and how long he had it for. Also find out how many owners owned it before him and if he has any records for those owners. When you find out about the history of the bike, make sure you have it in writing and take it with you when you go to ride the bike.
  • The second set of questions to ask from the dealer is about the current condition of the bike. Have the motorcycle checked for any problems that could arise. You may also want to find out if the seller will cover the repair bills. The dealer should let you know up front how much he is willing to pay for any repairs. When you are at the store to check the tires, the fluids and the brakes. Make sure everything is in working order.
  • Some other questions to ask from the used motorcycle dealer is how much money can be saved if you buy a used bike through him? Can you see the future? Do the prices on the bikes match the prices listed in the ads? If not ask for a break in the price. There are plenty of dealers who will try to talk you into buying something that is more than you had originally planned on paying, but if you look around carefully you can often get a great deal.
  • The third set of questions to ask from the dealer is about his service. How prompt is the response to your questions and where is the contact information? Are the emails or phone calls returned in a timely manner? Can you call or email a question and get a prompt and useful response? Be sure that you know how to spell his name!

The last set of questions to ask from the used motorcycle dealer is the most important. Ask about financing and registration. You want to know what is involved in getting your own license!