Ink Rub Tester and Its Applications

An ink rub tester is an automated device used to determine the durability of a printed label. This test is helpful for a wide variety of brands, including product labels and equipment labels. It measures the abrasion resistance of the ink on the label. Abrasion can cause severe damage to printed materials and affect readability and image quality. Therefore, abrasion-resistant brands are essential for product safety and quality control.

UL has strict standards for labeling and wants to make sure that they don’t fade. UL believes that informed consumers are safer. Therefore, they require a certain level of ink durability on product labels. The only way to determine if a product’s label is as durable as it needs to be is to perform an ink rub test. However, an ink rub tester is not available for all products. It can be used for only a tiny portion of a label.

An ink rub tester is a crucial piece of equipment for printing companies and converters. It measures the abrasion resistance of different materials under controlled conditions. The abrasion tester uses weights for higher and lower forces. It can also measure the abrasion resistance of photosensitive boards. The Ink Rub Tester analyzes an issue related to more downward printing force. The machine also helps determine the ink strength of unprinted PS board labels.

An ink rub tester is very simple to use. The mounting strips are the same as those used for dry rubs. The only difference is that wet rubs are performed on a two-point test block. After placing three to six drops of water on the printed surface, the two-point test block is placed on the surface and pressed. Then, the test block is moved to a different position, and the test is repeated until the ink fails. After each test, the surface should be checked for signs of abrasion.

An ink rub tester is used to check the abrasion resistance. This is an important property, as it can prevent damages during shipping, storage, and handling. It is also beneficial for testing ink on flat surfaces. Therefore, a digital ink rub tester is ideal for ink abrasion testing. There are various types of digital ink rub testers on the market, but the most common is the RAS-21.

An ink rub tester measures the abrasion resistance of printed material. It measures the resistance to abrasion by rubbing a sample against a defined weight. Using an ink rub tester will ensure that the ink is resistant to dirt and abrasion and will not be damaged. This property is an essential part of any business. It is critical to the success of any business. You will never regret using an ink rub tester.

An ink rub tester is an essential tool for testing the abrasion resistance of coatings on various products. A high-quality label can protect a product from damaging environments. Likewise, an ink rub tester will ensure that your printed materials are not susceptible to abrasion. You can buy an ink rub tester for your business and have it ready in no time. It will be your best friend as you look forward to your next project.

Ink rub testers are necessary for any business to avoid abrasion. This is a critical factor for a wide range of products. Inks that are not resistant to abrasion can result in damage. An ink rub tester can be used to evaluate this property. You can compare inks and materials to determine which ones are more resistant to abrasion. They can be easily calibrated and are compatible with the FTM27.

The Sutherland type of ink rub tester measures abrasion resistance. This is a very accurate way to test a product’s durability. It can count inks and coatings’ scuffing and rubbing resistance on different surfaces. Furthermore, it can be used to check the durability of a label or other commercial printed material. The ink rub tester is fully compatible with the FTM27.